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Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Dirty Girl, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. Dirty Girl

    Dirty Girl TRIBE Member

    Well i just walked by muchmusic and all the little froshies are out and about, yelling, looking stupid, and causing a ruckus!!!
    Saw a bunch of engineering frosh with stupid hats on and dyed hair and shit!
    ahhh how I miss those days! *sigh*
    Time to get molesting the underage kids, boys and girls!!!
  2. Vote Quimby

    Vote Quimby TRIBE Member

    DG's in heaven.
  3. Were they purple?
  4. lok

    lok TRIBE Member

    You mean enlightening.
  5. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    yeah yeah we got spirit!
    yeah yeah we got spirit!
    yeah yeah we got wut wut wut wut
    wut wut wut wut wut wut wut
    we got spirit!

  6. kmac

    kmac TRIBE Member

    Hey Dirty, let's go to the Brunny and find ourselves some freshman cuties.
  7. DJ_Science

    DJ_Science TRIBE Member

    I hated my campus' frosh week events...

    oh the horrible memories.
  8. Eccentric (LRG)

    Eccentric (LRG) TRIBE Member

    Haha I love frosh because of the purple people.
    I hang out in the Queens ghetto with some friends Every year.
    And every year we egg the purple people and its always fun.

    just me + some good friends + a carton of eggs+ patio chairs on belconey + booze = a grand ole time.
  9. They look like jaundiced Oompa Loompas when they dye the froshies purple.
  10. Eccentric (LRG)

    Eccentric (LRG) TRIBE Member

    Re: Re: Frosh

    can I tag along.....? I want some uni boyz. Even if I am about the same age as em.
  11. Soundstream

    Soundstream TRIBE Member

    Best sign seen outside of a dorm room at Waterloo during Frosh Week when we all moved in to residence: "Thank you fathers for your virgin daughters". That did actually make me LOL.

    Cheers ... Ian :)
  12. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    What the hell? people dye themselves purple at queens??

    I thought that was a Western thing, since our colours are purple and silver.
  13. labRat

    labRat TRIBE Member

    that's alright, that's okay.
    you're gonna work for us some day.
  14. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    we love you, medway.
    oh yes we do.
    we love you, medway.
    and we'll be true.

    when you're not with us.
    we're blue.
    SO BLUE!
    oh medway, we love you.
  15. Eccentric (LRG)

    Eccentric (LRG) TRIBE Member

    No man everyone at queens goes purple........
    its like an army of teletubbies around here come this time of year !
  16. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

    R4V4G3D_SKU11S TRIBE Member

    Dying your body purple is an engineering frosh thing seen across the world.
  17. SneakyPete

    SneakyPete TRIBE Member

    aww I miss those days.

    Purple and proud.
  18. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    country roads, take me home
    to the place, I belong,
    Saugeen Maitland, Magic mushrooms,
    take me home,
    down Western Road.
  19. lok

    lok TRIBE Member

    i gotta make this into an animated gif. I'll do that tonite.

  20. tablist

    tablist TRIBE Member

    If anyone goes to the brunny, let me know. I live right accross the street! Frosh girls rule!:D
  21. SneakyPete

    SneakyPete TRIBE Member

    I don't remember the song for King's, but we always win every year.
  22. AshG

    AshG Member

    no its an engineering thing.
  23. mandapanda

    mandapanda TRIBE Member

    thank god i missed all the frosh activities cos i was still in england during frosh week. i'm pretty sure that i missed out on absolutely nothing ;)
  24. Booty Bits

    Booty Bits TRIBE Member

    a few things:

    -dyeing yourself purple is an engineering thing.

    -"thank you fathers for your virgin daughters" is also posted on a bridge as you drive to the UWO campus in London, ON.
  25. Eccentric (LRG)

    Eccentric (LRG) TRIBE Member

    I'm sure you missed out on some wikkid frosh parties/keggers.

    Hell I'm not even going to queens and I make sure to be at any keggers that come about...... Thank god for engineering friends hehe.

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