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Front Row - my new photo exhibit at Insomnia


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Hey all,

I put my work up at Insomnia ( Bathurst & Bloor) last night, and am having the opening this Sunday starting at 7 going late, come out for a drink it'd be nice to meet some of you.


here is a sample of some of the shots




Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I can't wait to check it out! I work at Insomnia every weekend.... I absolutely love going in to see the new artwork :)



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Those are pretty cool pics, I live in the neighbourhood and Insomnia makes good lychee martinis so I might just swing by sometime next week and check it out :)
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I live right around the corner, so I'm gonna check this out for sure! Anyone wanna meet up for a drink and check this out? I'm at bloor and spadina........


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Originally posted by Sassy
Come down this weekend for some martinis ;)

How long is this exhibit going to be on Thom?

can't this weekend....next?

let's chat about doing this for sure! I know I'll be in town the weekend of the 24th for Linkin Park...let's set something up for the friday (23rd) if you aren't busy! :D
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Big Cheese

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fuck i havta visit pete and do sunday brunch

then check the showing later in the evening

i'll be there on sun :^)


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I want to thank you all for the compliments!

It is a very strange thing to put your work up on a wall for people to look at and judge , I am glad I am getting a postive response.

Ive updated my promo , here it is


and again for those of you that can make it out Sunday we'll see ya then.
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