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frisky R a d i o ...loves CANADA! :: Feb 9, 2008


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09 FEBRUARY 2008 @ 11AM PST | 02PM EST
Paranoid Jack
Kristian Littmann
Mistress Barbara
John Morgan
Mute & Laki
Kevin Shiu

The featured country of the new year is Canada. Tune in Saturday February 09 2008 when we feature some of our favourite Canadian friskyRadio artists as they bring their sounds to the world. It all starts at 11AM PST | 02PM EST.


Hey tribers,

Just want to give you heads up on the frisky Radio project which focuses on Canada! This is promising to be a good one with many of the countries finest set to be featured with 1hr long sets each.

More info here: http://www.friskyradio.com/promo/canada001.php