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Friends! Bah!


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Sometimes I think, "who needs 'em?"

All I wanted to do was go to a birthday house party tonight. One friend was supposed to call me two hours ago...I don't live downtown, but she's right around the corner from the host's place, so I was going to leave as soon as I heard from her, and meet her at her place. She never called. Another friend is waiting with her car in North York. A couple of other friends (female friend + boyfriend) were supposed to go to another event, then changed their minds and decided to come with us. Of course they hadn't even showered yet, and they are two of the slowest people on earth when it comes to getting ready.

So they're finally ready now, and I wanted to be home by like 1/2 AM. I stayed out until 6 AM yesterday and I only wanted to drop by for a short while, before the sketchy people who insist on doing drugs at 4 AM got there (with their weird faces, rolling eyes and constant sniffing). It takes me about 45 minutes to get to my friend's, and I know at the rate they move, we wouldn't get to the party until 12:30/1.

Grr! I told my slow friend that I was just not in the mood anymore as I wanted to have an early night (I have stuff to do tomorrow and my parents are coming home from a trip...I explained this to them hours ago), and I was tired of waiting for people.

I hate being put in a crap mood because of unreliable/slow/wishy-washy friends!



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if you happen to go into a murderous rage and plan on using a knife, dont use a searated one.

tends to get caught in the bones.



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All what you need to do is to look for new friends
I got sick and tired of shit like that happening to me all the time
So I got new friends ... and they are breakbeats
Breakbeats are never late ... and they're fun to listen too
Plus ... they can take you on magical journey's ... that no other friend could



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yes...but can you have sex with breakbeats?

sorry to hear about your friends waffling on you, rejenerate.

that happens to me so much that i think i've developed some kind of a thick skin for it.

"so-called friends" suck ass
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Originally posted by Disco Stu
I have lots of beer and weed ... and no one to share it with :(



But, I was so wasted last night.I couldn't drink or smoke, if my life depended on it right now.


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Yes I was very high last night ... but I'm still drinking right now
If anyone is in K/W and is up for some fun ... ICQ or PM me or something