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Friday Snuggles Thread

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terrawrist III

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it was so gross and cold when I got home.

now i"m in the softest robe ever gettin ready for some alone time with my kitties and making some lists.
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Promised a friend I would go check his new night out and then supposed to go to a rock show but all I want is to get on the couch with a comforter and my cat and watch MTV.


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me and my best friend are going to hang out, drink and smoke pot and watch a movie together. chillin. not cuddling tho, unless it's with her doggie abner.
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So there are some snow flakes flying here in Ottawa. I've just thrown my favourite trackpants and hoodie on...and my Spongebob slippers. Gonna relax with my kitty, my couch and a glass of wine. :D


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i spent my drizzly friday with Rataxès Jr, playing with toys, eating, and snuggling.
oh, and his dad was there for some of it too. ;)

this evening is all about a bit of Pilates, then nothin' but chillin' in front of the teevee.

w00t! whatta day.
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Dr. Snuggles??

I thought this was going to be about dr. snuggles...

I need these 13 cartoons, if anyone has them on VHS or any medium please pm me.


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Just had THE hottest shower, and so damn tired, and very much lookin' forward to crawlin' into bed for a nap...cute girls are welcome to come snuggle/cuddle...:p