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Friday night no life/insomiac cru lightah!

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by JayIsBored:
im watching jurassic park 3 on the ol satellite


I like it when they yell "RUN!!!!!!" and then they run away

From the Ministry of could be any point in the movie.

Prime Minister Highsteppa


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I am so bored and awake. I haven't slept much because of work and school but I'm still awake.

Just sitting here grimacing about how I lost all my photos on photopoint.
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i just watched a movie called Bully. it's from the guy who directed Kids, and i'm pretty sure the dark haired girl from American Beauty was in it. i belive its based on a true story about the a group of teens who killed a bully they chill with. it wasn't a bad movie.

i'm hittin the sack.



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Been doing homework all day...

"...to show that the set of all languages is uncountable we first observe that the set of all infinite binary sequences is uncountable. Let B be the set of infinite binary sequences and show that B is uncountable using a proof by diagonalization...etc etc..."

I actually have some progress.. finished 1/2 of one of my assignments. Too bad I have 3 more for next week.