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Friday Feb. 1st @ FEVER


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10-11-ERIK B
11-12:30-Resident Soundboy
12:30-2-Big League Chu/Dave Saddler

Come join us every Friday for some of our area's top funky and nu skool BREAKS djs.
Fever niteclub corner Kingwilliam and James Hamilton. $5 b4 12



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This is a great night for those of you that don't want to truck all the way to Toronto for a good night of breaks. Come and join us every friday at Fever nightclub for the best in beats.


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No house room this week?
Not that i care... just sumthin i noticed.

I'll be there like always.. well for a it anyways...
Drunk'n house(more like mansion) party callin my name this week.

Time for sum shit disturbing

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hamilton has kicked as for soooo many years. i haven't been a regular @ Fever on friday nights but last friday changed my mind.....count me in!