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Friction, Mampi and Skibba in the GUV-Friday January 23!


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Mampi's playing oldschool vs. Newschool, Friction is just AMAZING, and Skibba is going to bark. All this in the main room of Guvernment? INSANE!

I can hardly fucking wait.

Who's with me!


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I just can't decide what I'm the most excited for..

(who am I kidding, I know its the barking)


Pure Phunk

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To add to the craziness of this history making event, the FOCUS crew is taking over the Acid Lounge and bringing the breaks flavour to the party!

Line Up for the Acid Lounge:

D-Monic (Pure Phunk Recordings, FOCUS)

Kick (2 The Beat, FOCUS)

Red Turtle (FOCUS, OnDaFly)


J-Mat (Groovekat, B-Line)

When the overwealming BASS from the mighty Phazon Sound System is about to cause your lungs to colapse, come take a break... with some breaks!
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After a meeting last night I've come to the conclusion this is going to be the party of the year. Mampi is going to rip the guv in half! So excited...and hearing Marcus announce February's lineup is going to be worth the price of admission itself!

Can you say:eek:


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Finally, DnB, has COME BACK ! to the phazon!!!


cant wait! big drinks!!@
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