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Fresh Beats w/ BroKen DJs

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by bringthebeats, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. bringthebeats

    bringthebeats TRIBE Promoter

  2. bringthebeats

    bringthebeats TRIBE Promoter

    01. Blackfeel Wite – Amnesia
    02. Filipsson Ulysses - The Endless
    03. Angel Rize – I Dream You
    04. Ajello – Early Sept (Bocca Grande remix)
    05. Martin Virgin – Trippin To The Stars
    06. The C90s – 10-01 (Vocal version)
    07. Sendos Fuera – Human League
    08. Sweet & Sour – Thinking Of You (Slow-Down remix)
    09. Pete Gets Musical – Camouflage
    10. Nir Mizrahi – Saved Your Ass (Aaron Static remix)
    11. Nicky C – Dezhavu
    12. RCMP – The Bird AKA Ignition
    13. Lazercat – Nuit Blanche
    14. Physics - Let It Out feat. Alexandra Hamnede (Swewa Mix)

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