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Frequency Boost!


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So.. last week I'm jammin out on my computer. I adjust the panning to the left and it feels more centered, get to thinking I got a weak left channel or something - but it turns out it was me! Before headin out on Saturday night I tried clearing my left ear, and in a fit of curiousity I thought i'd check and see if there was any in my right ear - and blocked it up too!

So anyway, went to the doctor and had that ear syringe thing. Took some persistence but they got a whole WACK o' wax outta both my ears, and I kid you not, everything sounds different. From the clack of my keys on my keyboard as I type this, to my breath, my voice, the sound of my toilet when it flushes, the swish of pants as people walk. There's this top end to everything I musta been missing for a while!

Been listening to my fave tracks again to hear em in their full glory! Keep your ears clean on the regular everyone! And those of you who might have some buildup: CLEAR IT! Your ears will thank you...

OH ya this is the techno room: I hear Richie and Sven are peter-puffers.
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I thought this thread was going to be about something entirely different.
Good on you for getting that 'stuff' cleared out.



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who, Richie and Sven are puffers? gross homos, last thing the techno world needs is homos running around it.


why not

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don't stick q-tips in your ear to clean them - it's far too easy to push the wax in further (something i did last fall)
also, don't go for ear candling - it's a scam and can injure your ears permanently.

to soften ear wax, put oil of some time in them.
the ear syringing your doctor does is the best way to get it out.


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Here is Quackwatch's section on ear candling. Pretty funny especially these sections:

"One exhibition was doing ear candling for $30. The people selling this said that the suction created by the candle "cleared your mind and sinuses." I questioned them enough to establish that they meant this literally and believed the ear was an opening from the brain and sinuses. The woman running the booth stated, "It cleans the whole head, brains and all - they're all connected you know." The candling was performed on a table at the front of the booth, so the curious sight of a person lying there with a burning candle sticking out of his ear drew many spectators. During the procedure, a gray mixture of soot and wax drippings collected on a pie plate under the candle. It did not look like melted candle wax, but was quite foul in appearance. Customers were told that these were the "impurities" of which they had been cleansed, and many went around proudly showing them off, comparing their debris to that of others, and making knowing comments. The vendor also peddled "psychic readings."


"Why Candling Can't Work

Since wax is sticky, the negative pressure needed to pull wax from the canal would have to be so powerful that it would rupture the eardrum in the process. However, candling produces no vacuum. Researchers who measured the pressure during candling of ear models found that no negative pressure was created. The same investigators candled eight ears and found that no ear wax was removed and candle wax was actually deposited in some of them! [3]

The notion that the ear canal is connected to structures beyond the eardrum is false. A review of a good anatomy book should dispel this notion. The external ear canal, with an intact eardrum, is not connected to the brain, the sinuses targeted by the procedure (those above your eyes), or the Eustacean tubes (the passageways between the internal ear and the back of the throat). While some claim that the eardrum is porous and quickly allows impurities to pass through, this is untrue. The "impurities" that appear in the collected wax (usually on a paper plate or other collecting device) are nothing more than the ashes from the burnt wick and wax of the cone itself."
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I actually used Murine to start, which is an oily substance that breaks down the ear wax in your ear. You can hear it crackling. I used that to start and then when the flusher didnt seem to flush much out (I dont think I was patient enough leaving the murine in to work its magic) I used the qtips thinking they would get out the softened wax.

Instead they made things worse, and the nurse at the nursing station ALMOST gave up. Luckily on her last attempt both ears were cleared.

Me and qtips are done. Murine is the way to go - I just needed more patience for the amount of wax I had in my ear (I also use etymotic in-ear monitors AND their ear plugs when going out, so I think I was packing all my wax into big clumps for over a year now!).