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Freestylers question


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So i was recently informed that the Freestylers were touring with the entire 12 picece band.

Does anyone know if this is still the original group with Mad Doctor X, Tony Ayiotou, Clive Jenner, Joe Henson, MC Navigator and Tenor Fly?

I seem to remember someone telling me they didnt preform togther anymore.. perhaps that was just a rumor...
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miss xylene

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I haven't heard anything about that, but it would be pretty exciting! If its true, I'd love to know for myself.....


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yeah, well even if they are (it says on the against the grain site they are) i doubt you will ever see them in Canada as the cost to bring that many people out would be crazy. I’m more interested to find out if there is going to be any new productions with the group or if this is a new group of people. The Raw as F**ck album didn’t include any of the members listed above.

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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mmmmmm.... freestylers live....
although, yeah, I doubt the band will be around here. the flyer I saw for August in Vancouver was promoting "both the Freestlyers", so Im guessing just Aston and Matt.
although it would be amazing to see it all go down live and correct. I mean, even seeing Tenor Fly rock live over Matt Cantor was pretty phenominal.


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watched them perform 'push up' for about 2 seconds at eargasm friday before moving to another room. meat katie was the best set of the night, followed by the plumps. thought bassbin twins sucked but others rated them for some reason. opening with that "out of space" remix? :rolleyes:
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I'm so sick of 'out of space' - why anyone would play this tune ever again is well beyond me -

still have yet to see the mr. Katie - hopefully Viborator will do well enough that he'll grow in popularity even more - thereby bringing up the chances of someone bringing him here