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da' breaks room at da' guv' was rammed packed when da' freestylers started dropping dos' ragga breaks dat' bounce da' floor .the dancefloor turned chaotic when all the old skool breakheadz started rippin' it up.complete madness.burned up the floor till 6in da' mornin'.the rogue element played
techno breaks.awesome.d-monic closed it out still pumpin' da' beats
best party yet at the orange room thanx.TORONTO.
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the breaks were solid for sure, although I have to say, Freestylers weren't really my cup of tea in terms of breaks - definitely had the room going off though.

Rogue Element was okay - but as far as techfunk goes, he's not my cup of tea either. Too long on for the mixes to come (although I pretty forgiving about it)....Elite Force is still the 'king' of techfunk imho - and a much more competitent dj (not that Rogue isn't, but he clearly needs some floor experience in comparison).

D-monic from what I saw, which was about the first 1.5 hours, was killing it as usual.

Robb G - sad I missed you dude - I blame guv security for lying repeatedly about what line I had to be in, and whether there was another door that I could get into. In any case, I honestly can't remember a time where Robb has put on a bad set, so I'm sure he rocked the floor - par for the course.


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seem to be some spelling mistakes..I hate reading what I've written and...well, over-active superego or something