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14K Cannabis seed slider pendants by tribe

free vapo

Cheap Ego

TRIBE Member
Does anyone want used vaporizer?.. it's one of those generic cheapo-o's you buy at the mary joo wanna stores downtown. It's missing the hose attachment at the bottom, so you'll have to huff it straight from the bottom, which looks really classy. Or you could pick up some crazy-straws if you plan on showing off to minors.

It ain't too pretty, but I can't bring myself to throw out something that still works fine.

Cheap Ego

TRIBE Member

I just don't really toke anymore cause I've gotten tired of the high. Although some people can work, study, perform open heart surgery, etc. while stoned.. I've rarely been able to string a sentence together, so I figure it's simply time to give it up.

(to those that pm'd - I'll be in touch)

I'll miss you mj! but then.. I'm not all that sure I ever really liked you.