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Free Movie Screening: Running Scared


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When: Tonite (Feb 23rd 2006)
Where: Paramount Richmond
Time: 7:00pm

Paul Walker delivers another oscar calibre fast and the furious-into the blue performace as a gun runner. I don't expect this to be something awesome, but hey, it's a free movie and why not.

1 pass = 2 people
PM if wanted.


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beaker said:
do you like two-hour rollercoasters?

if the answer is yes, then you will enjoy this movie.
Is that a good thing?

Cuz I wasn't sure about this film at first, but the TV Spot makes it look like a decent action movie.


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it's loud, fast, and violent. and i felt like i'd been punched in the stomach afterwards. i wouldn't say it's a good film but it's fun to watch if you're into that sort of thing.
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