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Free Mixed Cd: "Bumpin 4"


Just like the title says: a free mixed cd - the follow up to this other mixed cd i did a while ago called "BUMPIN 3'".

Its all deep/funky/weird type stuff, and you can check the link below for some reviews of Bumpin 3, but the tracklisting is probably of more interest:


BUMPIN’ 4 Track Listing:

1. Jeff Samuel - Foreigner [Trapez]
* Unknown - Waking Life(G's Existential Edit) [CDR]
* Matthew Dear - Dog Days(Acapella) [CDR]
2. John Dahlback - Face Down(G's Ass Up Edit) [CDR]
3. Inland Knights & The Little Men - A Part Of Me(Inland Tights Rubbin Mix) [Drop Music]
4. Kelvin K & Jon Gray - Heatwave Jackin'(Joey Youngman Remix) [White]
5. Pat Nice - Give Up The Goods [White]
6. Matthew Dear - Dog Days [Spectral Sound]
7. Bobby Valentine & R. Viera - Digitizzle [After School]
* Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack(G's Big Macappela) [CDR]
8. Unknown - Other Woman [White]
9. Cajmere - Only 4 U(G's One Time Only Edit) [CDR]
10. Dizzy & Johnny Fiasco - Master Blaster [Double Down Recordings]
* Nine Inch Nails - Sin [TVT Music]
11. Jay Tripwire - Boss Hey(H-Foundation Remix) [CDR]
12. Cle' - My Face(Original Dirty Mix) [Sound Proof Music]
13. Mike Dixon - House of Mouths(D's Piece of the Pie) [Classic]
14. Jackson's Gourmet - My Kind Of... Chicago [Sound of Barclay]
15. JussiPekka - Dancing Queen(Spencer Flipsson Mix) [Poker Flat]
16. Grey - Naughty Glances(Jacob London Mix) [Harmonious Discord Recordings]
* Missy Elliott - 5 Minutes(Acapella) [Elektra]
17. Jacob London - Escape From Horror House [U-Freqs]
* Missy Elliott - 5 Minutes(Acapella) [Elektra]
18. Ark - Lost And...(Losoul Remix) [Circus]
* Nirvana - Come As You Are [Geffen]
19. Moonraker - Easy Fever(Dizzy Remix) [Inuendo Records]
20. Trentmoller - Le Champagne [Naked Music]

* indicates track overlaid

Hit me back with an email at: djmikegleeson(no spam)@crapmail.com, and put something like "mix cd" in the thread subject, or else i'll probably miss it and throw it in with the other hundred spam emails i smilingly receive on a daily basis.

Or pm me, though i don't check my pms all that often.

mike gleeson


TRIBE Member
Hey Mike,

This looks like another wicked installment of the Bumpin series. I would love to hear this. The tracklisting certainly looks eclectic and well thought out. Looking forward to it.


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Mike, I'll be seeing you soon for my copies!

Of course we've got some Jacob London, a little Dizzy and Fiasco, Inland Knights...dangnammit!
CAN'T WAIT to hear the Return of the Mack overlay...SICK!

Bumpin 4 wha wha!!


Originally posted by maddog
wherd u get the dog days accapella?

on the single release, there's a small snippet at the end of the losoul remix.
i took that and edited it to make a use-able acapella.

i should be getting the inserts mid-week, so the cds will be out by the end of the week, maybe sooner!
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(Hand in the air) Me Me!! I want one Mr. Gleeson!!
Sweet track listing -- you know l love that dizzy remix of easy fever... but baby you never disappoint.
Your Bumpin CDs are always worth the wait ;)
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...and I have an advanced copy; good lord... had to practically STEAL it from the boy.

Sweet sweet Bumpin' tracks.... go figure. I am totally proud of you MG.
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Thanks for the interest so far everyone!
Don't forget to include some kind of mailing address in your emails - i need that to mail stuff. :p

Admittedly this is probably the roughest mix i've done, and a bit darker in places i guess, but its kind of how i'm playing right now, so, so be it!

Here's where you can get a copy pronto:

Along with Ben Murko, I'll be opening for Tyler Stadius thursday feb. 26 at Element, and I'll have a few cds with me there, so feel free to harass me for a copy if ya feel like getting down.

Here's more info about that jam:

The Kid

TRIBE Member
MIKE! can you send me a copy?! Same address as before if you've still got it! All those CD's you sent me are a hit around the office... good werkin' music!


lekid aka geoff


TRIBE Member
I just got my copy in the mail this morning...thank you Mike!!:)

I cannot wait to pop it in my CD player tonight!

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