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Free Massive Attack vids...


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Ok, just found this:

Massive Attack "Collected"

Official Site. They're making vids of classic Massive Attack songs (+ some new stuff) available for Quicktime download.

It starts as a stream, but then once it loads, you can "save as" a self-contained .mov and ram it into iTunes or something.

Well, at least I can. (with Quicktime Pro)

"Unfinished Symphony" is such a timelessly great song.



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It's not even such a great DVD. There's nothing on it except the videos, and I had to download the fucking cover from their website.
from what I saw on Amazon, there's a special edition of the greatest hits album they're putting out tomorrow, and the bonus cd is a DVD on the other side of it, with all the videos.

Neat idea.
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I suppose it's good for people that are just discovering them, but for a fan, is there anything in that package worth picking up? Remixes? New vids? Anything?


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Hey, don't bitch guys. Apparently this thread is the only thing keeping the Downtempo room alive!

And free is free.
Track Listings for "Collected"
Disc: 1
1. Safe From Harm
2. Karmacoma
3. Angel
4. Teadrop
5. Inertia Creeps
6. Protection
7. Butterfly Caught
8. Unfinished Sympathy
9. Risingson
10. Future Proof
11. Five Man Army
12. What Your Soul Sings
13. Sly
14. Live With Me

Disc: 2
1. False Flags
2. Incantations
3. Silent Spring
4. Bullet Boy
5. Black Melt
6. Joy Luck Club
7. Small Time Shoot ‘Em Up
8. I Against I
9. I Want You
10. Danny The Dog
11. Daydreaming (DVD Side)
12. Unfinished Sympathy (DVD Side)
13. Safe From Harm (DVD Side)
14. Be Thankful For What You’ve Got (DVD Side)
15. Sly (DVD Side)
16. Protection (DVD Side)
17. Karmacoma (DVD Side)
18. Risingson (DVD Side)
19. Teardrop (DVD Side)
20. Angel (DVD Side)
21. Special Cases (DVD Side)
22. Butterfly Caught (DVD Side)
23. Live With Me (DVD Side)
24. Live With Me (Terry Version) (DVD Side)
25. False Flags (DVD Side)

I was hoping for at least a couple of b-sides or at the very least "Hot Knives" which they did for the soundtrack of "The Fan" from 1996. It's a great track, that you can hear at the end credits.


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el presidente Highsteppa said:
"Hot Knives" which they did for the soundtrack of "The Fan" from 1996. It's a great track, that you can hear at the end credits.
That track is whoopass! As a matter of fact I used to own that disc just for that one song. It's long lost now though.
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Back when I bought it, all the used CD places had it in stock. Try Penguin or CD Cat or any of those and you might get lucky.