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FREE Guestlist for BARRY WEAVER !!

Discussion in 'House Room' started by stretchandhooker, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. stretchandhooker

    stretchandhooker TRIBE Promoter

    Lending a hand to the Wednesday night crew @ FTWK Tonic Wed.
    Free guestlist to the man like Barry Weaver on March 13th .
    Spread the word and the love. Email me by 7pm Wed, and be on the
    FREE before 11:30 guestlist.


  2. dimpy

    dimpy TRIBE Member

    thanks for the offer, check your email :D
  3. poker face

    poker face TRIBE Member

    Thanks a lot for the guestlist and the other thing ;)
  4. PinkAngeL

    PinkAngeL TRIBE Member

    You forgot about me. :(
    Barry is worth the money it cost though

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