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Free Global Energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Raiban

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have any of you ever watch this on youtube? it was recently shut down and by youtube. the person put up a video commenting on how youtube suspended his channel (which can be found here): YouTube - FreeGlobalEnergy's Channel

there are thirty nine 10 minute clips. it's really interesting shit. for those of you who don't know about it you can check it out here

YouTube - VideoHoldingSite's Channel

there are a lot of interesting videos that all related but the ones that really stood out are the videos from 9 - 18. it challenges Darwin's theory of evolution and presents an alternate point of view of how we were "designed" and placed on this earth. it then transitions into religion where modern science is able to give a different perspective of what took place BC.


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From the Youtube Channel:

While searching for free or cheap energy devices I discovered that a lot of inventors are threatened, Setup, falsely imprisoned, work shops burnt to the ground and even killed. My investigation has dug up more dirt than I could ever have imagined. I discovered that there are people carrying out the grandest of plans for total control of everything in all parts of the world.

The single most revolutionary device is the magnetic coil and the Perpetual Magnetic Motor. These are the single largest threat to every energy industry in existence. I have not yet located any overunity or useful perpetual Energy devices yet, if I do it will be placed here. Meanwhile electric vehicles (EV's) are very promising especially when you can charge them for free with solar. Since this site contains energy to replace oil has led to an investigation into Government & Corporations it is all interconnected & need to know stuff.​
I also explore who North America's true leaders are, what plans they have for us, the shadow Government who are made up of the richest most powerful Corporations, World Bank owners & Oil Cartels who control or supress the technology. I have observed that America & other countries are now under the ten steps to total take over of our Country & many others, the same steps that occured in Nazi Germany are and have been under way, our freedoms are rapidly slipping away one law at a time & sites like this one will eventually & quietly be taken down so copy all that you can to your hard drives while you can​
Yes yes - record all this information before the NSA shuts down his site for the threat he represents!! :)

skin deep

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Hahahahah, my favorite part is in video 21/22 when they replay half a Sliders episode to support their theory...
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