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Free: DJ Table + Furniture


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Continuing to clean house before my move... the items below are available free of charge to whoever can pick up.

DJ Table - Well built and well used, will be sad to see this baby go but no room at the new place. Constructed (by an engineering student no less!) of 2x4s and MDF, measures 36" high, 70" long, and 24" deep. Can fit any variety of 1200s/CDJs/Mixers, also has a handy shelf for record storage. If you have access to a van and need a place to put your decks stop messing around and contact me!



Chair - Yes, its a chair. An arm chair to be exact. Decent condition, could use new upholstery (the arms are a bit beat up) but works fine as is. One of the legs is a bit loose but its an easy fix. If you need a place to sit it must be your lucky day.


End/Corner table - As pictured. Great working condition! Top is a bit scratched but what do you expect for the price?


Did I mention that these items are free? PM or email me (beatz @ hotmail) if interested.


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I'm at Greenwood & Danforth. You were the first to respond so PM me and we can workout a time for pickup. I have about 5 other people interested so let me know asap.
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End table spoken for, chair may be gone as well... if anyone wants the chair and can pickup asap let me know.