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free busted mixer.

Cheap Ego

TRIBE Member
Up for grabs this evening is a not-quite-gently-used Numark DM1002x mixer.

An audio signal does manage to get through it, but it is mostly distorted. Let this be a lesson to all those who take the 'pour water on it' reply too seriously. This doesn't work!!

Anyway... If I recall, the only one half of the mixer sustained damage from the tsunami. I'm pretty sure many of the knobs and slider are still in good shape, though it's hard to tell. The main output knob got drenched, so any signal that goes through there is going to sound, well, muddy :D

Here are some of the things I think it may be good for:

a) Scavenging knobs, sliders, audio jacks - pretty much anything that's not on the right side of the unit.

b) Making your audio rig look cooler by having more stuff. The LCD VU meters still work fine, so you can have one more set of bouncy lights adorning your booth/wall/desk/washroom

c) Propping windows/door open

d) Being the object upon which you release your frustration after botching a mix 78 minutes into your demo. Thanks to the defunct DM1002X, you can now exert ninja-like force on a mixer, without it reducing the quality of your final mix.

e) People who just like accumulating free stuff because it's free.

f) Free mixer for a promotional giveaway. (Hey, the ad never said anything about a free working mixer. sucker...)

please feel free to add your own uses for my kaput mixmaschine.

Cheap Ego

TRIBE Member
that's a good one! Also, with hallowe'en coming up. You could totally use the faceplate as a mask/costume.

"I'm crazy mixer-face guy! gimme some cannnnnday!"

Cheap Ego

TRIBE Member
I remember some people being interested in this thing a couple months back.. well it's still here, and it still free.

Anyone want it, just send a pm. otherwise, some craigslist hippie will end up with it!
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TRIBE Member
I reccomend cutting a hole in the hood of your car, and mounting this mixer therein.

Think of how much faster your civic will go when it's 'POWERED by NUMARK'

Also, seeing the VU meters dance to the sound of your exhaust would be 18 times cooler than knight rider's gay horizontal strobe dealie.