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FREE Brazilian Hot Wax


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Thanks to the generosity of my employer (www.harrisinstitute.com) and a shared demograpic, I now have server space to host my sets. In order to conserve bandwidth, I'll only be making one set available at a time. My new set - 21st Century Lovesongs - will be available on the server in January.

For now, Brazilian Hot Wax should ward off the impending cold of winter! Enjoy :)


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feisty boy

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Originally posted by Phat Trick
nice set.

Is there anywhere to go and hear these beats?

i think 'the hooch' on saturday nights is the "soulful drum and bass" destination right now. (haven't been, but i'm assuming you'll here some brazilian etc)


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The Lab on Wednesday
Insomnia on Thursdays (I think???)
Hooch on Saturdays

I've also been told that another one of the record stores is considering a Liquid Funk weekly...:D
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can't say enough good things about this man, or his sets.

they simply get better and better :cool:

i was going ape shit over his first mix, and this is the 7th? I've got I think...

Circe rocks! :D


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Wicked Intro!

Yeah, if you want to hear this stuff I WHOLEHEARTEDLY reccomend the hooch, so wicked!
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Yes, I teach @ Harris; I specilialize in PC based audio environments :eek:

Brazilian Hot Wax is PANTS:006
PANTS:007 (21st Century Lovesongs) will be up on the server next week :D