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FREE...2 tix to paul provenza @ yuk yuks richmond


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my name is at the door, + 1, for free.
i cant make it.
im pretty sure, if you just walk up, say youre Chris Herman, you and 1 guest will get in.
they may card you, but thats prolly just for 19 + reasons.
i take no responsibility...
but, it may be worth the attempt.

1st person to say theyre GOING, get these...all other takers after the fact...sorry.

good luck.
show starts @ 8 30.


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Originally posted by ravinjunkie
shit. if i had known about this earlier, would have made the trek.

grr .
sorry...just not feeling up to it tonight...just made up my mind.

congrats on scoring Prodigy tix.
see you there.