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Fred Everything- Mtl @ hard+soul - Sun.Feb.24th


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taboolife presents:
Sun.Feb.24th, 2002

Fred Everything - Mtl / Bombay Records

residents: hali & rod g.

hard+soul sunday religion
@the livingroom
330 adelaide st.w/ peter
finest in house music since 1997


DJ/Producer/Remixer (Montreal, Canada)

Montreal-based Fred Everything’s star has been on the rise for several years, and he has become known as one of the most talented producers in the industry thanks to the certain je ne sais quoi he brings into the mix. His remix work with labels like 20:20 Vision, Om, Mantis, Shaboom, Grand Royal, Stereo Deluxe, Turbo, and of course Bombay has garnered him worldwide praise and has created a constant demand for his services. His peerless remix work has been the genesis for From the Deep, the first in a series of albums on Bombay from the best remix artists in deep house music today.

Fred’s career went into orbit since he was cited as having played the best set of 1997’s In The City festival in Glasgow. Now a regular and in demand guest at many of Britain and Europe’s finest underground clubs, Fred has received favourable comparisons to the impact made by Derrick Carter when he entered the UK many years ago.

Dynamic, energetic and precise, Fred’s mixing style incorporates influences like disco, funk, soul and pure house music. A party DJ in every sense, Fred’s enthusiasm for the music he plays always rubs off on the assembled crowds he plays to, and his appearances at Fabric, Basics, SubClub, Tribal Funktion, Moog and Bugged Out will live long in the memories of many people.

As a producer, Fred has enjoyed immense success with his debut album Under The Sun, still selling and re-issued in the U.S. with a video for the song “Revolution” released in April 2001. He has toured in 11 countries to support the album including the UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Vienna, Switzerland, Russia, South Africa, the U.S. and Canada.

Also to be released soon is the much-anticipated collaboration with Mark Bell: Bell and Everything and Fred and the Jazz Twit on Shaboom. As well, his collaboration with Soulstice members Andy Caldwell and Gina René (OM records) will be featured on the next Carte Blanche compilation on Naked, compiled by Fred himself. The last Carte Blanche also featured one track off his album (Good Morning) which was also featured on the DJ Fluid‘s comp on Om.

Finally, Fred finished his new mix CD DJ Set 01 on Intonation Recordings, including two exclusive tracks, “Night Lights” and the dub-infused “Our Music” featuring the vocals of Judah Singer. He has also been keeping busy by remixing everyone under the sun including: KemeticJust (Bombay), Random Factor (20:20), AtJazz (Mantis), Joeski (Shaboom), Bran Van 3000 featuring the great Curtis Mayfield (Grand Royal), and Roy Davis Jr.’s classic “Watch Them Come” (Bombay).

n.b. for guestlist before midnight
email: taboolife@hardandsoul.com