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Fred Everything at Footwerk


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Looks like I will be hitting this up as soon as i am done work. I am looking forward to dancing to Fred's dirty beats again



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soulbrother 10 said:
I'm going to check out Fred E. but I've never been to Footwork. What's the set-up for the club?:)
I love this place, its one of my favourite places in TO.... Perfect size club, nice and small but enough space to get off your rocker....:D :D :D
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COUNT ME IN!! Joe, Big Cheese...drinks at mi casa?? maui reclusive1...where the hell are you two weasels....Weasel?? where the hell are you???

Hurry up weekend
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Joe Seven

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Word to big-bird, this one will be off the hinges. My first time out in eons, plus I gotta new job to celebrate, time to get jacked!

JAR, we'll pour out a lil' liqua for ya!!
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