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Fred Everything at Element Bar!

poker face

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Well it was another wicked weekend at the Element Bar. I toured by Element again on Saturday after making the mistake by going to check out the new Jai Bar.

I walked into element to find a lot of my friends and wicked tunes. Fred everything was right on with his nice funky deep house and smooth mixes. I then toured downstairs to listen to AMtrack and Krista throwing down some funky beats getting the peoples asses shaking.

Over all a really good night at Element once again. I still yet to find a club in Toronto that impresses me as much as this place over and over again.


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WORD to that! Element hands down is the best spot for funky as hell, groovin house styles in toronto. i'm a big AMtrak fan, she knows how to read a crowd and make'em sweat bigtime...just wish the basement had more room! but it's all good...