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Freaky Flow @ The Casbah (Hamilton)


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In honour of Freaky Flows new CD .. DrDisc threw a CD release party.. and shit what a nice little jam it was. Very nice intimate setting at the Casbah in Hamilton. The guy before FF who MC'ing over his set.. that was sick. And to those guys who left before FF who said "im not stickin around to hear jump up." You guys suck... you missed out!!!!!! anyways..getting to good part. Freaky Flow... I see this man in a whole new light. Totally blew me away. Spinning everything from ragga to hard rough rough amens then to a chill set. W O W.
But everytime he would drop a nice chill tune. The floor would clear. Kids there is other types of jungle other than a lawnmower with some beats. The thing that made my night.. FF dropped the new Breakbeat Etiquette remix. dayum. Over all i havent danced so hard in a long ass time. FF closed off with a nicccceeee dub.. what was that tune!? Big ups to Flipside for throwing those tshirts to those 6 foot tall guys in the front..(what about the 5'4 girls BROCKIN out behind 'em EH!!!!
) s'all good tho.

Major big ups to Freaky FLow and Flipside.. coming off a flight from halifax or whatever it was..to a nice little jam and showing how its done.


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Why wasn't that on Freaky Flow's CD? I have waay more respect for the guy than when I first walked in the door. He was dropping old skhool, hard step and liquid funk. When he dropped great stuff like Jill Scott's IT'S Love or Breakbeat Etiquette by Omni Trio. Why did the floor clear?? It looks like some of the Hamilton Junglists need to learn appreciate the finer sound of Jungle. There is more to Jungle than just hard step and Old school. Ya got to remember da liquid funk!!!

Flow still did his ill trademark scratching. It rocked especially over Let Me KNOW!!!!! Man I have never seen scratching like that.

That was an amazing night. Big UP to DR Disc. We need more Jungle nights in Da Steel City


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by JohnG:
We need more Jungle nights in Da Steel City

Keep an eye out for Surreal Fridays at Sway... Just after wemf we'll be havin massive Jungle with dj's such as Freaky Flow, Capital J, Sniper and Marcus...