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Freaky Flow @ Eastern Bloc this Thursday April 11!!




Eastern Bloc News Updates!
Here’s what’s new in the world of Eastern Bloc! Be sure to check out the new

- Freaky Flow will be doing an in store set, on Thursday April 11, 2002 at 4pm promoting his new CD, ‘Keep It Live’ – Recorded live in Toronto @ the Living Room‘s Silk Thursdays!

- Eastern Bloc Welcomes Paranoid Jack of Stickman Records to it’s staff!!

- An assortment of records in all styles are availble in store and online for $5 each!

- New shipment in! The newest titles in breaks, techno, house trance and drum & bass!!

- Eastern Bloc & Vector Productions present ‘Theorem v1.0’ on Friday April 12, 2002 @ Red Square, located at 205 Richmond St. W. (@ Duncan)
With special guests:

Mateo Murphy
Turbo Recordings, Aria Nightclub | Montreal

Paul Walker
Purpose Records | UK

The Dukes

New breaks & drum & bass vinyl this week:

Drum & Bass

Modern Moves - Hooked / Relax - ANTIDOTE PRODUCTIONS - $13.99
Renegade Hardware's DJ Reality drops the first bomb for his new label - phatt! Watch this space.....

Mind Machine - Outpost / Exit - ARCHITECTURE - $13.99
Mind Machine drops a technoid tear out for DJ Ink's label. This one rolls out with some skillfully chopped breaks & moves along with a fat funky bass line.

John B - Future Reference Remixes - BETA - $24.99
John B revisits the "Future Reference" album with this collection of
remixes. Featuring "When I'm Close To You" (Remix), "5 Times In One Night", "Forever" (Hard 12" Mix) and "Run Out Of Time" (Epic Mix).

Klute - Stay With Me - COMMERCIAL SUICIDE - $13.99
One of Klute's personal faves, 'Stay With Me' opens with passionate atmospherics before leading into tense raging acidic techno driven riffdom. Tough enough for anyone's floor whilst remaining blissfully melodic. The final stage of Klute's We R The Ones trilogy. The heat is turned up all the way with amens blasting a hole into the back of your head while bleeps will begin incinerating your ears. Smashed to bits by Andy C , Hype, Randal, Doc Scott, Goldie, Marcus, Lee.......

Sound Of The Future - The Lighter Remixes - FORMATION - $13.99
Remixes of this all time classic!!!! Two tearin remixes, one by Twisted Individual the other by the mighty SS himself. Don't miss out on this one!

60 Minute Man & Ramjack - Wickedest Sound / Light Me Up – INTERCOM - $13.99
60 Minuter Man joins forces with with a new artist on Intercom, Ramjack. two brilliant track on the up side of d&b.

Future Cut / Digital & Spirit - Shake Ur Body Remixes - POSITIVA -
Outstanding remixes of this already classic! Futre Cut and Digital & Spirit do the damage with this Shy Fx stormer!!!!!

V/A- Harder They Come Part 3 - RENEGADE HARDWARE - $25.99
Third in the "Harder They Come " series. This one features the much anticipated "Need You" remix by Calibre. Also featured on this 3 x 12" release are :Future Cut, Spirit, Ink & Dylan, D Kay, Sinthetix and Loxy.

Tronik 100 - Reachin - RENEGADE RECORDINGS - $13.99
Finalising the "Renegades Of Funk" campaign, this is the second 12" to releate to the forementionedalbum, and follows the pre album sampler.

Ray Keith - Terrordome - UFO - $13.99
Second sampler for the forthcoming U.F.O. album. "Terrordome" is a huge club tune, and brings to mind classic stylings from the past!

Conquering Lion - Code Black - WHITE - $13.99
Limited quantities on this jungle classic! "This is a blueprint"!!!! vocals will let you know.........


Soul of Man – Dirty Waltzer / Get it Girls – Finger Lickin’ – $14.99
Highly anticipated new release by this dynamic duo… getting support by all the biggest dj’s!!!

JASP182 – Millenium Dawn – MOB - $14.99

Player One - R U Ready / Ha Ha / Airdog - $14.99


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