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Freaky Flow and Flipside


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All I can say right now is fun fun fun...

What a vibe, for Freaky and Flipside. Talk about the t-dot of old coming out. Nice nice crowd. What'd everyone else think?

Can't wait for the release of the CD...


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..just got in now!

WOW!!! I had such a wicked nite! Freaky Flow and Flipside NEVER disappoint! Everyone was dancing so hard that the floor was shakin! Great venue..I really like the Living Room, although it was like a sauna in there! Cant wait to hear his new cd!



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that was too fun...first time at TLR and it won't be the last...

TLR is definately put on the map for sure now, if it wasn't b4...

big ups for jungle/DNB in a sweet venue

the warm up by Trajedy and Ra was super and lots of hype mounted when FF and FLipside got up to play...great selection, great scratchin' great MC-ing...the vibe was pure goodness and happiness. And yes the floor was shakin'!!

big ups to my date for the evening>>B-R-A-D
mad hugz to the crew who surprised!!;>
waddup to Lori and Robb G in tow...

reunion of Altona New Year Massive!!!



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i must say DJ RA really really really got the mood moving in the right direction! starting it off a little more down tempo & groovy then pulling up the beat so subtle he has me & mel at the door groovin' & dancing as we handed the whistles to the people coming in... even the people at the front of the line were dancing & getting hyped as they waited!

then flow & flip took over & i must say their set was as inspirational as ever. the first time i ever saw them play i couldn't control myself from singing & yelling & last night was the same. the crowd was dancing all night & even though it was packed there was still room to dance!

Congradulations Mr Freaky Flow & Mr Flipside... you have once again shown you are true professionals and excellent musicians!

Looks like the April release of the CD that was recorded last night will be another hit for the Fabulous Freaky Flow & Flipside!


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what crazy night wicked DnB all night good enviroment
ra tore it up hardcore and them freakyflow and flipside finished me off
ill be baack for sure to see total science
on the 24th
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WOW! One of the best vibes I've felt in most recent memory. It was one of those nights where the expectations aren't very high, and it turns out to be a standout night. It reminded me why jungle was my first love. Big ups to the MWE crew for starting a new weekly in one of the citie's most overlooked venues. Respect to the DJ RA for dropping some serious classics before Freak & Flip hit the decks and mic. Flipside knows how to get a crowd hyped. The Mel Lastman antics were hilarious! Damn, I got so drunk, and then ate a pita in about 30 seconds. A night I won't soon forget.

Big ups to Ricky and Jay for getting drunk with my ass. That j knocked me right the fuck out!

Justin, best of luck!

Nicole, you're the shit! I love you!

This night has loads of potential. 2002 is looking great so far!