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Freaks of Rhythm: Rave. Victoria 2year

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by ninja, Sep 26, 2001.

  1. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    Hello once again, I realize probably no one on this board went to this party since it was in near Duncan BC (On Vancouver Island) but This was a classic. The line up was Jelo headlining the Breaks/Jungle tent, which was a little genre crossing since every time I've heard Jelo he's played well.. not jungle or breaks. Also in that room were, Form & Kaos , Ill-isha, Scotty stylus, Optimus, Arizona, and Beaks McGavin,
    The trance tent, or "area of land" consisted of the headliner, Alia (Seattle), who I believe didn't show. according to my roommate. The locals consisted of, Brent Carmichael, Yoseff, Sunspun, The Sorceress, Shy Mike and Spy Guy. A warning to all Partiers entering Vancouver Island: Progressive is what dominates the night so it gets pretty boring. Spice , SoS/Paladin, Jason marshal, Unabomber anyone!!! please come out here and give some energy to the trance scene here. I'm not saying that the DJ's here are bad, their mixing it tight, and they seem to know what to do with the exception of track selection. With my anti prog. trance mind set I spent most of my night in the Breaks/Jungle "landmass"
    Arizona spun a tight set with/ solid mixing and decent track selection. Next up was Form & Kaos. They spun a DOPE set! it wasn't very focused towards breaks but it got everyone moving which is what they're there for. Finally after that Jelo was up. He easily takes set of the night for a few reasons.
    One: it was a flawless set , tight mixing and AMAZING track selection!! ranging from some of his own tracks on 2Wars to Basement Jaxx "Where's your head at" to Mauro Picotto it was just a great set.
    Two: He was having just as fun a time at the decks as everyone else in the crowd which always makes everyone in the crowd appreciate the set that much more.
    After this set my ride wanted to leave so my night was cut short.
    The only downfall for me at the party is that it was outside which creates an amazing sunrise between the Mountains and the sea BUT dancing for hours on end takes so much more out of you then nice slippery floors such as Tropicana, Palace Royalle, and other dancer friendly venues in T.O. Also there was a huge Blare zone where sound bleeding was overwhelming.
    Overall 8/10
    Shout outs to Jelo, it was good to meet you and thanks for the GuestList.
    To Mel the Social bunny of the night.
    Nick, Trix etc.
    goodbye from the Island I miss T.O. parties.
  2. Da grunj

    Da grunj TRIBE Member

    The morning drive back over the Malahat can be VEEEERY INTERESTING after partying all night.......only once.

  3. HappyJR

    HappyJR TRIBE Member

    Eh... I'd gladly give up slippery floors for amazing sunrises and mountains... Hell... I'd give up more then that...
  4. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    hey the sunrise when we were going over the malihat was amazing not as good as summerlove that was a higher form of sunrise that day for somereason, an near spiritual experience. but yea the sunrises are a definate plus/ only if life force, destiny, nightmare and others could set up shop here in BC>

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