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FreaknBigPanda - Dancing Pandas (Funky House)

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by FreaknBigPanda, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. FreaknBigPanda

    FreaknBigPanda TRIBE Member

    Some dancing pandas!!!:





    Skin Tight - Kinky Movement
    Not Why - Andrew Phelan & Origami
    Drop tha Music - Johnny Fiasco
    Lets Go Back - Wes
    Champagne Poppin - Emil Lanne
    Games - Sonny Fodera
    Reflex - Johnny Fiasco
    Jazz Shit - The Sound Diggers
    Drownskin - Tom Drummond
    Fit The Shoe - Jam Funk
    Resurrection - Sonny Fodera
    Ttu Rag - Wattie Green
    Pimp - The Sound Republic
    Winter Nights - Sonny Fodera

    Link: http://paradoxcollective.com/panda/dancing_pandas.mp3
  2. soapy

    soapy TRIBE Promoter

    nice mix. reflex is the bomb! and i havnt heard pimp in awhile forgot what a stellar track that is.

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