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Freakin 2000


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Post your reviews, stories and tales of the night they called Freakin 2000.

Mine shall be up shortly..

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Well it was Freakin.

Quite the interesting party.

You cant really catagorize this party into any stereotypical or cliche terms. It wasn’t ‘kickass’ nor did it ‘blowass’.

The grandest adventure of the night would most defiantly be the circus that took place at 12 midnight.

We all got in, set up the TRIBE photo booth, walked around abit. I came back to the booth at around 12ish and plopped my ass in a comfy chair. I look up at the ceiling and noticed the house lights were slowly coming on. ‘Hmmmmmmmmm interesting’ I though to myself. Within a few minutes the entire Better Living Center was as light as day, a few minutes after that the music stops and security guards are going ape shit to clear everyone out. Once again I thought to myself ‘Hmmmmmmm interesting’. So I ran over to one of the trusty security guards and asked the nice man some questions. Apparently there was an ‘electrical fire in the basement’ and all patrons had to be cleared out.

Oh boy.

So within 10 min all 7000 or so people that were there at the time were herded outside, without jackets and without being told jack squat. That was a task all by itself, I am honestly surprised they managed to get everyone out of that place in that amount of time.

So 45min past, every single partygoer is freezing their asses off outside while firemen, police and security wander around the barren venue. By this time people were chanting and screaming to get back inside. It was a disaster waiting to happen. Needless to say, a massive crowd that size is almost impossible to control. But save the day, the ‘problems’ got cleared up and everyone was let back inside. Now what’s so intriguing about this is every single person was let back in, without a search and without proof of payment. They didn’t have any choice in that matter, but I talked to quite a few people who were planning on paying at the door and just wandered in. Some big money loss for Lifeforce.

Now when the doors finally opened, chills ran down my spine as those 7000+ partiers cheered and went apeshit upon being allowed back in.

What could of been a BIG problem actually turned out to be a minor inconvenience.

With the newly energized crowd eagerly awaiting to return to partying, Tim Patrick jumped to the decks and laid down a bezerk and electrify set to prove why he is one of Toronto’s house legends.

And party got better...

But lets take a step back for a moment.

The lighting in all three rooms was phenomenal. A tremendous X shaped rig crossed the House arena which supported an army of intelligent lighting. The main stage had an erray of half circle rigs that added some definite character to the room. Lighting in the trance room was less fancy, but the visual lighting and graphics on the white waving backdrop was impressive.

The sound, well, I really can’t complain. All three rooms seemed to have their volumes adjusted perfectly so the ‘bleeding’ of sounds between arenas was barely noticeable.

Myka: Classy and soulful set. Sweet deal.

Tim Patrick: Clean cut mixing. Right on bro. As we all expected his track selection was nothing like his normal Turbo variety, nice run through the spectrum on tracks, but he also threw down some of his ‘Turbo-licious’ vinyl for those of us who venture out to Turbo-land often.

DJ Dan: Rumors were flying about him not spinning due a bad case of food poisoning. But as far as I could tell, he was there, a bit under the weather, but considering, a nice, sweet and consistent set.

Barry Weaver: I left before he spun, how was his set? Same thing for Czech.

Oh and when they say they have ‘undercover’ cops patrolling the party, trust me, some of those cops were dressed as the thugliest of creatures I have ever seen. Could of fooled me. Saw a whole lot of people get arrested and dragged out, I think we were all expecting that though. No OD’s while I was there either.

Some sick costumes from people venturing over to the TRIBE booth, Kate in her roller rink outfit, the S&M couple and not to mention lots of high little furry animals running around.

Overall, it was a much better planned out party then anything I had seen before at the BLC. The whole ‘fire in the basement’ thing was a bit fishy, but everyone got back in, so no big problems.

My guestimate on attendance, a little under 10,000.

Well its time to get some rest now, nighty night.

PaRtYKiD’s rating 7/10

Corey B.


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Freakin 2000:

"A Real Eye-Opener"

Nice to see most of the attendees just filed back in and kept partying and attendance seemed to peak AFTER the spot check.



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Gatecrasher! They can come back anytime they want! They should take over the whole BLC.. that'd be a party! ahhh damn.. that was some sick shit I thought played by Matt Hardwick, Breeder was awesome - I couldn't tell if the records were supposed to make those noises or he was really mixing all of that at once... Then Max Graham... first time seeing him, and if he had made it to WEMF he would've blown the roof off that place and put Oakenfold to shame... the way he worked the tables, the expressions he had going with the music - it was just great! Hopefully at least one of the sets will be released from that room.

Costumes - I expected more, but most people felt the same about not wanting to lug shit around with em all night...

it was an odd night, but not in a bad way.. the way the events all panned out seemed to work right off the other one and make things better..... g'nite..


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i kinda liked this party, even though i froze my ass off outside during that "fire-drill".
my brain is mush at the moment so i will keep this short and sweet (and i think this is the last time i wake up sunday morning feeling like this..i'm hurting)
the crowd in the house room just before the "fire-drill" was off the wall. I have never seen so many people dancing and having a good time in my life. Usually u get pockets of people dancing away and other just moving back and forth..but geeezis everyone, i mean everyone was kickin it. That was very cool.

Other notes...Storm laid down a nice set as did Andy C. I missed Barry Weaver but oh well.

It was nice seeing Suke, Chrome, ummm Phatgirl (ack i think thats your name on this board eh jen?)
heh but anywhore, i had a nice time chillin with u (jen) most of the night. It sucked that i had to go just when Czech got on the decks, but thats life. Thanks for letting me steal u water all night and for well kicking my ass at our little "thumb" game hehe

ok i'm done now
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CITY TV - 6 o'clock tonight - lead story:

<anchor-Laura DiBattista>
"A fire at a rave last night, killed three people and injured more when it engulfed the basement of the building."

<roll vizclip, begin v/o>

"It happend at around midnight at the Better Living Centre. Fire crews were called to the scene after smoke was seen coming from the stairwell. They aren't certain what stated the blaze, but say it may have be caused by the ravers themselves."

<cheif DICKerson - TO.FD>
"The fire was started in the basement by who we believe are members of a dangerous raver gang. We think they were burning their Ecstasy on spoons when a spark egnighted their GHB."

<constable ASSMan - TO.PD>
"When we got there, kids were running all over the place, screaming and yelling. We think they were on Ecstasy."

<the most cracked out raver they could find>
"The fire" <soother,munch munch> "it like, jumped onto my friend's pants that he just bought for like 160 dollars." <munch munch> "We tried to put it out, but the material was just like, too fire retarded or something."

<Laura DiBattista - anchor>
"Two others died in the blaze. No names have yet been released.

After the first rave held on city-owned property since the ban, we ask you... Should the raves be banned again?

Have your voice heard...

Call 976-3939 to vote yes."

<cheesy news music>

<Laura DiBattista - anchor>
"In other news tonight..... OH hold on, this just in. I'm told that there were actually no deaths at the rave."



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In answer to your question Corey, i found Barry Weavers set just as good as ive ever heard him b4. The man has trouble dissapointing me with his sets..

By far my favourite was MAx Graham though...this guy is slowly but surely becoming one of my top faves. I dont necessarily enjoy his type of trance all that much, but you cant argue with the fact that the man is GOOD.

What about that laser system in the Gatecrasher room? HOLY FUCK!!! Now THATS a laser!!! If that main laser cannon wasnt enough though, they also had an additional 6 red lasers on each side of the main laser. That coupled with the smoke, and the rest of the lighting rig, was magnificent.

Very good party as a whole. Its been awhile since ive seen or been to a nice big production like that, and it was well needed.

Ohh...and the women there? *faints*

Truly Epic...

I say the party was a success from a partiers prespective..but i dont think it necessarily was a success in a financial aspect for Lifeforce.

Anyone know the final attendance?



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Just to let everyone know, the news is already reporting that there was at least one overdose and one stabbing


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I really dont know about this......

waste of $, definately.....

I must admit the fire was interesting, at first I thought I was gonna flip out, but the feeling seeing everyone run in and go crazy when each room started blasting the music one by one was amazing

the gatecrasher room suked after 1:00am......I am sorry I didnt like anything about the music, it was boring, repitious and complete shit...I expected more..graham was ok though

the house room, was well.....a house room

and believe it or not I liked the jungle room the best, the ppl were so much better than the types in the other two rooms, the music was good and there was so much authentic energy in the room...and I have never really liked jungle

security was great, they did their job well, there were tons of cops, and even more undercover..and this time the undercovers were very very very very very very very well disguised..it was fun watching ppl get busted

the lights were acceptable.....for a rave not in a club I guess they were actually very good....

the washrooms tripped me out, especially the guy in the first stall who didnt move for 4 hours...I got there at 12:00a, the door was locked, at 4:00am it was still locked and he was still in there

the crowds in general seemed really hyper and into the party, they all seemed happy..I would bet that there were more pacifiers in the gatecrasher room than at hulla...it is gatecrasher tho, so I giess it fit in

coat check was efficient, I heard none of the usual BLC horror stories,

and by 6am when the lights were turned on, I was actually more than happy to go home..

I felt very very dirty by 3:30 am, walking over ppl twitching in corners by themselves, and seeing tons of ppl tripping out..

I dont know, drugs can be all good, but I think alot of ppl overdid it, sure its not my business, but I felt dirty and in several instances scared for ppl, esp whenI had to call security on someone who was in trouble

all in all it was a learning experience, actually more of an adventure, it was interesting to say the least, but not really enjoyable

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Apparently DJ Dan didnt spin and Barry Weaver spun an extended set.

Seems as though all the etards that were yelling at me chanting 'this IS DJ Dan' werent so right after all.

Last time I listen to anyone.



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well well, what a nite

this was quite a party, wikkid costumes and wikkid vibes all nite surprisingly for a party at the BLC.

when we got thrown out cuz of the fire i thought people were gonna start a riot cuz everybody was all rowdy and ready to party, but luckily it was a short delay.

music was off the hook all nite!! i was in the jungle room most of the nite xcept to catch Breeders set and ohh what a set it was......beautiful progressive, with spurts of uplifting trance.

now on to the Dnb,

Storm damn this girl can kick it! alongside Skibadee who as expected rocked the BLC

Ray Keith started of with Konflicts - Messiah, safe dub! he played a solid set and a sick remix of terrorist, didn't expect much more than he put out.

ANDY C!!! holy fuck he never ever ever ever dissapoints, once again proving why he IS the #1 dj in the world IMO.
crazy tight-ass mixing always coming in stronger and stronger. GQ was his mc and he actually spit some nice rhymes last nite considering all he usually does is say a word or 2 here and there.

Bailey was decent, first time seeing him.

so all in all a pretty great nite, and yes it was worth the $42 i payed to get in.

overall 9/10 .......safe party still!


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While I wasn't @ Freakin (ended uop @ Turbo oddly enough) I feel I have to comment on this entire escapde of evacuating everyone at around 12am because of an electrical fire in the basement:

From what little I've heard of this, the security must have done a tremendous job. Clearing 7000 ppl out on a monets notice is really hard work. Sounds like security and the people running the show deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. I mean...if there had been an uncontra\ollable fire, they would've been respeonsible for saving the lives of thousands. But I dunno, cause I wasn't there. Just a thought.




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Well, well... what an interesting night that turned out to be.

I got in, wandered around for about two hours, and then heard one of the security guards telling another that the building is being evacuated. I ran to the coatcheck and got my shit back before the other 7000 people decided to do the same. I that point I was prepared for the worst, but Lifeforce did the right thing (maybe not the smart thing, but the right thing) and let everyone back in, no questions asked.

The lightning was pretty damn good. The best I've seen at a Lifeforce party. The lasers in the Gatecrasher room were pretty amazing. Too bad the crowd in there consisted mainly of dirty etards and the sort, which made the room devoid of any sort of vibe. (continued >>> )


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(continued <<< )

I have no complaints about the house/techno/breaks room. The bunch of devoted breakers by the stage was fun to hang around with. By 5 AM, when Czech brought out the anthems everyone was going completely nuts... Even Czech himself looked like he was having a pretty good time.

The hip hop acts were about as good as any other hip hop performance at a rave (read: not very good). All they did was attract an even more shady crowd than usual to the jungle room. Storm was okay, Andy C pretty much blew my mind (as he always does)... Bailey also played a nice, filthy dark set, but I didn't see much of him since Czech was playing in the other room at the same time.

Matt Hardwick, Robbie Nelson and Max Graham all played good sets, although Graham was the most fun to watch. Too bad the atmosphere in the trance room sucked so much (see my complaints above).

Overall, this was the best organized party I've ever been to (except for the little fire mishap around midnight). Lifeforce did not disappoint on this one.

Matt aka LiQUiD aka Gunark.
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Hmm...what to say about Freakin'? Nothing special, I guess you'd expect the usual from a Lifeforce party @ a massive venue.
The size of the crowd was what I expected. Though still a considerable amount. (maybe around 7000 or 8000). That's what I love about BLC, can't over pack it. Only problem is that it's too huge, that if you lose your friends, you'd have a really hard time lookin' for them. Hehe...

Sound and lighting for the party was pretty exceptional. Especially for the Dose and Gatecrasher rooms. Wikkid wikkid lighting. Nice and crisp sound.

Only complain I have is with the sound in the Syrous room. Too much bass in the jungle room, I know it's d&b but still, you could barely make out the music. Also, you can barely make out what the mc's are saying (I know I'm kinda contradicting my self since it's MC Skiba, and even with a good system, you prolly couldn't even make out what he's saying newayz right?) Oh wellz, still had a wikkid time.

As for the sets?

Couldn't say anything about Marcus's set since I missed it. Sniper and Mystical Influence with L Natural and Bandit were pretty decent. Nothing special. Heard some familiar tunes, a preview of stuff to come out in the following weeks (ie...Essential Rewindz).

Souls of Mischief/Executioners were pretty good, though I'm not a big hip-hop fan myself, they hyped up the crowd pretty good. (Not even gonna talk about the inconvenient fire drill event sinc everyone knows about it)

And now on the UK crew. Storm was pretty good, heard some traxx that I never heard before. Skiba..the usual, you know what to expect from this guy, never disappoints. Ray Keith, kinda lacks in mixing skills but his track selection makes up for it. (anyone hear the Renegade - Terrorist 2000 remix? hype!) As for the president, Andy C, 'nuff said. Wikkid wikkid mixing...flawless and exceptional tracks. GQ hyped up the crowd pretty good as well. Bailey did a good job of ending the nite. Most overplayed song of the nite has gotta be "Messiah".



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lol @ vidman

my sister was down around that area at that time.

she snuck in with some of her friends..my sister is 13 years old. she thinks she is now the coolest person in the entire world, and is grounded for coming home at 2am




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As I stood outside, I really felt for the promoters. at 12:00, they must have been shitting their pants. It's make or break time. If they fail, not only would Lifeforce be in the hole, they would never be able to throw a party in this town again-forever and a day. If they make it though, they will not only represent the community well, but earn credibility in the mainstream and many loyal attendees for pulling it off.

I'm so glad it was the latter. Given the media attention around this event (and the tix prizes...$50, ouch!) letting 7000 angry people out on public property could have no good outcome. I have vowed to support all Lifeforce events from now on...props.

kat...that story about your sister is so cute! I wish I was that cool at 13...I wish I was that cool now...

I had forgotten that one of the main attraction of these events is that they're all ages. I had forgotten. I realized when I thought how cool it was to look above people's head, and gee, these ravers are short (was it the pants weighing them down
?). Then I looked around and realized they were all 14-16. (yeah I'm an idiot) I don't think it's a good thing or bad thing, just a thing...( for all the underagers on the board). Actually, then I felt very old, that at 22, I'm still dressed in a purple wig and white boa. Am I only allowed to wear leather when I party (like those girls on the platforms) at this age?

The music...like someone said, it wasn't bad at all. The Syrous area was so hype! Souls of Mischief/Executioners rocked the crowd, who was the MC? All was feeling well after a half hour of coming in from the cold. Storm was solid - when she got rolling, she was GOOD. needs a little work on her buildup though (imho) I danced so hard my wig kept falling off...

The Dose area was pretty good. Tim Patrick & Myka - locals I have never actually heard - were amazing, they had the variety. Barry Weaver had the tempo though, excellent crowd control.

The breakers in front was so cool. I have a deeper understanding of the art now. The asian pair had the amazing gymnastic rountines, but it didn't match the music, they had no rhythm. By themselves, they were good. The south Asian guy in green top stayed on his feet, but he had the flow & the moves. The other guy in the black hood and jeans had it ALL!!! Big up the to girl in the Elvira costume who did some cameo appearances! I also love watching the new guys, who obviously aren't as good, but give it their all and really get into the spirit of it.

gatecrasher: oh Oh OH! what can I say? Max Graham and Matt Hardwick - blew the shite up! I'll be there front and centre next time they roll around. Who needs e when they're playing?
Were all the glowsticks quarantined to this room for some reason?

the venue: great for the 3 areas, no bleedthrough in front of the stages... It's so huge though, I'd rather it slightly smaller (just minus all the cubby holes) and maybe more designated & decorated chill out areas, instead of the hard, sterile environment...


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By the way, Councillor Olivia Chow was at this party, dressed up in costume. She was walking around with the guy from the National Post.

I went up to her to say hi but as usual couldn't come up with anything coherent to say. Did anyone else run in to her?

Whatever you think of these huge mega-parties, you have to admit that Chow deserves tons of respect for getting involved in something she believes in, even if it was politically controversial.
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Tranceholic: huh? i don't think i ever said i liked robbie nelson

I liked max graham, but none of the other trance sets impressed me.

Boss Hog

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*I wasn't there*

but - on reading Vidman's report on media coverage - are these people complete MORONS? I mean, do you have to prove your stupidity and aptitude for catering to the lowest common denominator of thinkers to get a job in media???

Sick. I hope y'all had a great time despite the moral corruption and stabbings/overdoses.


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Well, I did it; I spent an exorbant amount of money on a party with high expectations. Lets see if those expectations were met.
I got to the party nice and early; around 8:00pm. We were parked, lined up, and searched in less than 1/2 hour, so that was all good. This part pissed me off; our security guard who searched us saw our cameras, and didn't say a word. When we got in, my best friend tried taking a picture of the setup... a security guard promptly came up to him, and took away his film. ASSHOLE! I still had my camera hidden though, so that was ok for a bit. We did the little walkaround, and the setup was ok, so we settled in for probably the most underrated set of the night; D-MONIC! He spun a crazy set right from the start, spinning more funky breaks than he usually does. After dancing my ass off for a solid half-hour, I migrated to the last quarter of Marcus's set, which he ripped up with the help of L Natural. During the end of the set, he played Simpleton's "Walk Wit Ya Friendz", which totally got the crowd hyped a back to back set with Mystical and Sniper. These two were pretty tame at first, but ended the set nicely with some hard, new tunes to get the crowd pumped up. Bandit arrived on the scene fairly soon into the set, and laid down some sick lyrics with L Natural, making the set even better. Next up was Souls of Mischief/Executioners... this was where things started going downhill... first off, 2 of the 3 turntables they were gonna use weren't WORKING!!! So it was reduced to one... they played some alright trax, until the house lights came on.... and then the cop walked on stage... OH SHIT...

So here I am, freezing my ass off outside the BLC, wondering if I really AM gonna get let back inside this party, and if not, how much media coverage the ensuing riot would get. 45 minutes go by, people are getting very irritable, when a glimmer of hope appears... in the form of an opening door...
now I have NEVER seen people go crazy like this, but when those doors opened and people flooded back in, it was like somebody had just plugged in the crowd to an electrical socket; PURE ENERGY filled the BLC, and remained like that for quite a while. Souls of Mischief and X-ecutioners finished their sets, and thats when the junglists got hyped. From behind the stage, the woman named Storm stepped up to the decks accompanied by Mystical, and she began to set up shop. Then a figure stepped out from the side, dressed in his black and yellow Stussy leather jacket, arm draped around his girlfriend... thats right, SKIBADEE HAS HIT THE STAGE!!! Unfortunately, the bass in the jungle room was WAYYYY too high for Skiba's voice, so it drowned out much of his performance... but what made my night was when I talked to him during his performance, and he did my favourite rhyme and gave me props... that guy is a class act all the way.

After Storm came Ray Keith, who also laid down an AMAZING performance, but just not as good as Storm (Storm was getting right into the performance... something about a woman spinning nice hard jungle... hehehe) When this set was done, and Skiba made his exit, GQ stepped up on stage and Andy C took over the decks. Now I hate GQ, but I like Andy C, so I stuck around just until GQ start polluting the air with his vocals, to when I made a quick exit to wander.

I settled in the House room, to listen to the magical stylings of Barry Weaver. Now I'm not a big house fan... but he spun a CRAZY set that night. I was actually grooving to house, something I haven't done since Miss Honey Dijon at I-Dance. I grooved to his sound for about an hour, until I set off to find my friends, and maybe check out Max Graham... WHO NEVER SHOWED UP. A big let down, to an already poorly done and repitious trance room (save for OS/2; I happened in on his set, and was impressed.) After finding a few of my friends, who haven't partied that much, I decided to expose them to all that is breaks... with a man called CZECH. When we arrived back in the main room, Czech had started things in FULL FORCE, and laid down the absolute best breaks set I have ever heard in my life; the buildups were clean, and the beats were perfect, I've never danced so hard to breaks in my life, especially after dancing for 10 hours already!

So, to sum up my evening...

THE GOOD : Seeing my friend scream "Feel the love!" at a cop during the evacuation, and having sick music all night.

THE NEUTRAL : No vibe whatsoever; but with a party like Freakin, I didn't expect one to begin with.

THE BAD : Excessive bass in the jungle room drowning out my favorite MC... GRRRRRR...

Overall, a decent party musically... but not much more than that. Final rating of 7/10.

See y'all at Liquid!
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