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Fraser Manning - Music Leads to Dancing...


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...and Dancing Leads to Touching


Fraser Manning - Music Leads to Dancing (and Dancing Leads to Touching)

This is my first promotional release for 2K6, and it's a little overdue. I was hoping to get something out there in February, but it took a little longer than I had expected.


1. Royal Two///Royalize Me///Original Mix
2. Blendbrank///Showtime///Original Mix
3. DJ Phully///Darth Fader///Original Mix
4. IN-N-OUT///E-Pop///Original Mix
5. Starkillers///Diskoteka///Instrumental Mix
6. Rob Mooney///Feelin’ Electro///Valentino Kanzyani Remix
7. Filo & Peri vs. Serge Devant///Electronic Funk///Lys & Gigi Remix
8. Dajae///Brighter Days///Haji & Emanuel Dub Mix
9. Kaskade///In This Life///Cabin Crew Instrumental Mix
10. Deepgroove///Drum Honey///Trophy Twins Remix

Feedback is more than welcome, and Enjoy!!
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