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Frankie Knuckles March 27 @ BOA?!!

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Okay... I am CONFUSED.

This is on the "Calendar" (link above) for March 27, but the link to the actual event detail has it as March 20, which is the Jeff Mills show.

Is it safe to assume it is happening on the 27th? Or is it possible it was never a confirmed event?

I hope it's happening...:confused:
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NO its the 27th for sure....and my exams are startin to but i don't give two shits....i mean this is the guy who gave us house, imagine a world without house, i try not too....if i could i would take him a gift or somethin....


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Okay, okay - I see it just showed up a half hour ago in the 'upcoming events' forum :)

It's a for sure deal.



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Well, I'm in and I'm interested to hear 'the legend' - I really can't say I've listened to much of his stuff though. A lot of garage and disco I guess, which may be a bit much after an hour or so.

But I'm going with my bestest dancing partners - YAY!

I'm really interested in checking out Boa too.
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I really wish I could make this one. I'd love to see him again on a great system.

For all those that are going, I hope he pulls out all the stops. And I hope he closes things out with The Whistle Song. In fact, I think I may have to play it right now.

Bernnie Federko

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Frankie don't play a lot of "garage" (whatever that is) & disco. Frankly, Frankie plays house. Get ready to smile, and to more your body in ways you don't know how!

(wishes he was going to be there)


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hello... "I can't hear you.. this freaking place is very loud!"


So what kind of music does this guy play?
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Gah - I was so excited for this when I started the thread... but work is just too busy to swing a big night out this weekend :(

I expect a full report!


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Well...I gonna try hard to make it out to this...

I was well pissed that I couldnt go to see MILLS...so Ill go to this instead.

Im just really interested to hear the sound system and find out if its as good as everyone says it is.

hopefully Knuckles plays alot of classics!!