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frank martiniq


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damN right... he's finally coming to toronto (although i think he was here a few years ago)...

one of my favorite quirky tech producers... both for the dancefloor and for his beautiful headphone headfuck melodies...

i was really upset to not be able to make it to DEMF to see him this year, so thanks to those fuk-ers for booking him here!

i'll be front row centre (please tell me its a live p.a.)
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will definitely be checking this show, love this guys productions - actually just played the Little Fluffy Clouds CD the other day

when is this?


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isoprax said:
* I have no idea, but I wanted you to feel nice.

trev, you always make me feel nice. (c*cksm*ker)

now what the fuck am I doing on this board... i'm in spain and its 2am...

ahhh cervasa!!
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"Use Fuse" continues to be one of my favourite techno tracks EVER - so beautiful and mixes really nicely back 2 back with chardronnet's Eve by Day. Little Fluffy Crowds is a great 2XLP thats fun to play around with too... :)

where is this? is it announced yet?


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shmore details please

i like martiniq

the entire boxer discography is littered with his gems ..


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frank martiniq rules. he won't actually be playing live as he *never* plays live, but it is his very first time dj'ing in toronto - and canada, at that!! mark it in your calendar, folks: july 22 - should be one for the history books... ;)


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JK said:
damN right...

i'll be front row centre (please tell me its a live p.a.)

Jamie, front row centre is MY SPOT!!! ;)

(but i am more than happy to share front row centre with you if you ask nice!) :p
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this guy sounds dope.

same night as kerri chandler, who's plays deep shit too. that housey, kicky, bouncy stuff... ya know?

tough call.... though i bet frank plays a better set. for some reason in T.O. the techno outta towners are always up for it WAAAAAAYYYYY more than the housers....who so very often play the same shit as everyone else. :mad:
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I though Frank fuckin' killed it.
Sure it wasn't as quirky as his productions, but he was playing at peak time in a club and I thought he did an amazing job...
For being such a great and prolific producer I was almost surprised at how good he was as a dj.


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Uberspliff said:
fuck I had to miss this. How was the turnout....

turnout was ok,kinda low for a fukhouse/footwork event,not really sure what you could chalk it up to but the people there were def. getting down.

noah's p.a. was the highlight for me,he was cranking out some sweet melodic goodness,wish he could've played for another hour.

martiniq was so-so for me,his track selection def. had some proggy elements that i just didn't gel with,but his skills were tight and he had the place moving.

good people and good music all around,kudos ian.
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fuck, i had to miss it too. and i have to miss tempo. way too much family shit and not enough techno. meh, this too shall pass. any more reviews on fredriq?