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Francois K @ Roxy

Fun night!

Francois K was dropping some sweet house, he had the crowd very much into it (for the most part) and everyone was having a good time. He started off pretty melow with some groovy, sexy, head bobbing, latin inspired house. Barbara Mendez came on towards the latter part of the night and sang a few tunes which was really cool. It reminded me of the time Miguel Miggs came to the T dot and had that singer sing with him (her name alludes me right now Lisa something maybe??). Anyhow, I had seen him (Francois K) in Ibiza and he did a couple of things last night that were very reminicant of the time I had seen him. Most importantly, he didn't play the crowd properly. He built up his set pretty well, people were really enjoying themselves. Then Barbara came on got the crowd very much into it. But then Francois slowed down the pace significantly after she finished singing (it was after 2am), so there really was no reason for it. :confused: All and all it it was a nice night of house music, don't get me wrong, but it could have been just a little better.

The funniest part of the evening was before I left. I went up to the DJ booth to say what up to Francois to a) thank him for a nice night and to b) tell him I saw him in Ibiza (after all, how many people would come up to the guy and say that to him months after the fact and on the other side of the world). You know what the guy said to me when I told him I saw him on the Space Terrace in IBZ? He said 'that was my worst set of the year'. :eek: I thought that was hilarious because I had mentioned several times that the guy did not step up his game on the Terrace. He had the Space crowd lusting for him to drop some sweet ass beats, but only really did a good job for maybe the last hour or so of his 5 hour set. We were all faaaaaaacked ;) so we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. It just reaffirmed my earlier points on the guy not stepping up....even HE admitted it. What also surprised me, is that he didn't say anything else to me. No, 'fuck Ibiza is sick' or 'thanks for the support' nothing....just "That was my worst set of the yeat".

Funny/cool shit. :cool:

Fun times though in IBZ and in the T dot regardless.


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Yeah, Francois clearly has skills, but now the two times I've seen him...still doesn't throw parties like best.

His music and mixing are great at times, and dull and unimpressive at others. At points I got the feeling he thought we were all chilling out in his living room listening to house music in the background. At ANY sign of faster beats or a tunes you could really dance to, the crowd went wild. He just never seemed to kick the party up to that notch and keep it there.

I went to Roxy thirsty for a good party, and left having not been quenched. I'm certainly not rushing anywhere to see the guy again.

His Ibiza comment, while funny, is annoying. For a guy with so much expereince and supposed talent, he shouldn't be bombing sets on the Space Terrace. Thank goodness Steve Lawler was doing some damage inside afterwards.

Fuck...I can't wait for Thursday night.

the Doctor

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Originally posted by TheVibe
Fuck...I can't wait for Thursday night.

Nice to meet you Evan! And thanks Thierry for the company on the dancefloor ;)

Perhaps because I had no preconceived notion of what Francois K would be like (as a DJ), I thought the night was solid. I've also had just a little tooo much progressive over the last little while so a night of deep, groovy Latin inspired house was just what the Doctor ordered. We started dancing as soon as Francois came on and despite the hottness which is Roxy, pretty much stood our ground till we left around 3 (?). Nice to see Paul finally break out the professional dance moves! I do agree that it felt more like we were just chillin in someone's living room, as the music didn't really have enough *UHN* to keep me constantly moving. I tried though goddamn it! I tried ...

The vocalist Barbara Mendez was awesome, that's just the kind of thing I like to see when I go out. A completely personalized set, played to the crowd who seemed to be really into her (and why not ... she was hot I ... I think). Most importantly, the night made me wistfull for warmer climates, sandy beaches and hot nights ... A nice mental image to recreate on a day like today.


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francois k was playing some nice beats. they were slower but that made for nice dancing. francois looked like he was having a good time as well.

barbara mendez was impressive as well. every other time i saw a house vocalist in the past, the beats and singing were more for just standing around and listening. but she had the crowd rocking for the short amount of time she was performing.

only downside of the night, with the exception of the $25.00 cover was that there were too many dudes. but overall, it was a very fun night.