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FR - Housemate needed for June 1st


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One of my tenants is moving out at the end of this month, so I've got a spot to fill. Looking for clean, mature, gainfully employed young professional to move in with myself and roommate.


Located in Leslieville aka Hollywood North aka Carlaw and Queen (about 10 min. east of downtown core) there is a bus to Danforth subway which takes all of 12 minutes or the Queen streetcar to Yonge takes about 20-25 minutes.


- Main and second floor of a house (bedrooms and bathroom upstairs, kitchen and living room downstairs).
- Huge kitchen, with stand alone stove, dishwasher, tons of cupboard space, open and bright.
- Washer and dryer
- Nice big bathroom upstairs, two sinks, jacuzzi bathtub!
- Big backyard, nice garden/patio


Rent is $550/month with last month deposit required , gas and hydro extra (about $50/ month) , tv/ internet (about $30/ month) - I ask that you sign a one year lease but I'm flexible as long as I'm given two months notice.


416-454-2519 or pm me for details.
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