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FR: awesome 1bdr june 1st


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$925 all inclusive, danforth and coxwell (upstairs unit of a house)

-large balcony/patio surrounded by trees
-warm, sunny living room with extra high ceilings
-kitchen with brand new appliances (stove and fridge just a few mos. old)
-really nice bathroom with a huge deep soaker tub (great water pressure in the shower)
-free cable (up to channel 28 anyways)
-cable internet ready

it's a really cute and cozy apartment, landlord is -awesome- (she lives in the unit below), 5 min walk to coxwell station and 10 mins from woodbine station. no laundry in house but there is a laundromat right at the top of the street. it's a super great apartment, i'll be sad to leave it! i was the first tenant in the apartment since they did huge renovations on the house so it's really nice.

pics to come soon, pm me for more details/arrange a viewing or email at tina(dot)gio(at)gmail(dot)com.

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living room - there are potlights on either side of the overhang.. awesome lighting in there.

living room ceiling..

the livingroom is actually quite big, hard to tell from the pics

kitchen can fit an eat-in table and chairs.


(deck is also quite large...dead plant not included)


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still showing the apartment, the pics don't do much in terms of giving you an idea of the size sadly!

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