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Four Tet @ Foundry

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Foundry are hosting some SICK events coming up! Sucks for me, because I won't be able to attend.



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anyone concerned about that location getting over exposed?

that whole street can get seem pretty heat some nights. one night last fall or summer i swear there were more cabs than king st. and it was a bit of a zoo for the promise party last friday. not the party situation but the car traffic/parking situation. the party itself was awesome.
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Last year's Foundry events were fantastic,

Efdemin+CosminTRG, maybe Harvey, Shed, Shake, Craig. So many great options!

I love the Foundry concept of bringing together Toronto's best promoters. It creates a solid brand that carries across different styles of music and audiences, and provides so much positive exposure to every promoter and group involved.


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Such a great line up and an amazing venue.

I think I'll definitely hit the Harvey and Four Tet nights since I've never caught either. Harvey is a real legend and a rarity.


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I went to that Steve Lawler party at the circus place on Sterling and the police did shut it down - at 4 a.m., which created a brutal run on the coat check. Not sure if the event was supposed to close then anyway, but it seemed like it was police ordained, since Lawler himself came on the mic and said "we just got shut down."

Anyway - really enjoyed the Foundry events I went to last year and will definitely try to check out a few this time around. There seems to be so many more options in Toronto these days, and that's awesome.
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