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found this interesting:


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this dude Captain Easychord who throws this thing at Club 56 has an interview in Now this week and this grabbed my eye:

"Not that he's forsaken Expensive Shit while Club 56 waits out its liquor licence suspension. The monthly party moves to Lee's Palace next week (March 19), which is a big step up in size and visibility. As well, he's hoping to start a night focusing on the MC-oriented side of UK garage and Dirty South hiphop."

It does not suprise me too much ever since Vice and the Village Voice printed pieces talking about garage-rap it has become sort of trendy for indie rock types to say they are down with it.

I'm not really sure what my point is, a part of me sort of deflated when I saw it as I think...hmmmmmm...it's in no way a 'Johny come lately' kind of thing but I am aware of the sort of hiper than thou mentality this crowd brings with it. I also find my self sort of angry and their lame cultural appropriation(although as a white person living in toronto you could complety accuse me of the same).

I suppose what really gets at me is that if and when the event happens you can be gaurentted it will pull much bigger numbers than any of the similar styled events we have or will throw(keep your ears to the ground for 'ARTWORK' coming soon! two step/sublow/MC) simply because he/they are cool and we...nerds...sob.

basically: fuk dat.

...Deep Six of course will chime in and say any new fans are good bla bla bla...peace and love...

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New fans are great for the scene even if they didn't get turned on to UG in the traditional sense.

WE all love UG for the diversity it represents and if these people who are so called "trend setters" get really turned on to it musically, they will learn to apricated it even more when they find out about the rich and diverse history of the "Genre". and of the possiblities of the future.



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...they only will listen for shits and giggles...and move on in three months...they have zero interest in real dance culture and when it's cool to throw Boy Band nights or something they will bounce...if any of these potential fans cared they could have come to any number of events but they won't until someone who is cool tells them to attend...
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