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foull smelling computer salespeople


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I went into the computer district today (college & spadina) to get an idea of what current prices are for different systems.

Geez some of these guys smelled like they have been tucked in the basement assembling systems for months without a shower. (computers & peripherals)

One guy even had dried drool on the corners of his mouth (ota).

The smellier ones did seem to have the best prices though but next time I go window shopping I am going to put vicks or tiger balm under my nose for safety.


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i spent about an hour sorting through 45s yesterday, finding disco faves and sweet 80 electro-style synth pop when i realized i had no cash on me *stupid*stupid*stupid*

went home, decided to eat, got held up, went back to the store.

someone bought the entire box! :(
i bet they saw that half the box was all these great titles so they decided to buy the entire box those were in, thinking the rest would be good too.

the shelves didnt have much 45s, just a few, made out with that one, a donna summer one (mcarthur park, but not i feel love which i had found in the box *grrr* ), and um....john travolta & olivia newton john...you're the one that i want...but i really only bought that one to see if i could maybe sell it to some freak on ebay...or tribe??? hmm?