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Forty-Five - Brendan B (Jazz, Soul, Funk, Abstract Boogie)

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Forty-Five Mix

Nina Simone - Four Women (Dj OBaH's Recycle Funk Mix) [BSTRD Boots]
Mario Biondi & The High Five Quintet - This Is What You Are [Unique]
Milano Jazz Dance Combo - Much More [Record Kicks]
Doctor Stereo - Shake Hank Shake [RESENSE]
Antonio Castro - W.E.L.F.A.R.E. [Jazzman]
Ram - Love Is The Answer [Tuesday Records/Light in the Attic]
Andre Tanker - River Come Down [Soundway]
Brass Construction - Take It Easy (Kenny Dope Mix Instrument) [Kay-Dee]
The Prophets of Peace - 46th Street Bump Time [Maxx Records]
The Rugged Nuggets - Yo Todo Tu Yo [Colemine Records]
Sweet Tea - After The Laughter (Comes Tears) [Light in the Attic]
Tall Black Guy - Drift Away (To Where I Don't Care) [Tall Black Guy Productions]
Brenk - Ole Woam [Melting Pot Music]
Benjamin - Not A Moment Too Soon [Cherries Records]

History Homeroom: Forty-Five Mix
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