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Forest City Massive - London ONT feat Josh the Funky 1!


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Well hello hello!
I'm so tired today, I can't believe I'm writing a review so early!

Well, last night was FABULOUS. Despite the crowd not being all 'vibey' and crap, the music was AWESOME!

Olga and I got there around 10 I think?
We caught most of Ruckus' bangin' set! It's too bad he went on first, he would have tore the crowd up!

Spindle was great following with some more bangin' tunes...this whole party was 80% Hard House and the like so it was all 'pound the sh-- out of ya tunes'!!

Stretch & Hooker followed suit for the most part, playing some of their pounding dirty house. I love hearing them spin, it's always something different and nice to hear because they play anything and it sounds gooood.

Decepticon did a fantastic job, showing his skills and shakin' the floor. It's good to hear him again in London, he can really work the crowd! Rich Bailey didn't show so he kept the crowd going strong until my dj god came on.

Josh "the funky 1"...um... he was okay.. HELL NO!
He was...um WOW :D! He kept it going hard, FUNKY and bangin'! I'm not playing favourites here because Josh has maaaaad skills, and he makes his presence known! I wish the stage was at floor level or closer to because seeing this man tear it up on the decks is something else! Even though he was pretty tired he still pounded out an exciting solid set and even shook that sexy booty of his haha ! I'm so glad he was finally able to come to London, because it made seeing him spin that much more incredible! Man, if only the crowd could see him bust it out on the decks! Ah well, next time! Even if it means I have to throw the party to bring him hehe!
This was my fourth time seeing him, and oh my, I went crazy :p!! Yes, Josh is definitely THE FUNKY 1! I can't wait to see him in action again real soon!

Chris Anderson was awesome! I hadn't ever seen him spin before [I missed him when he was at Lush back in October], and I can safely say I was definitely impressed! Very solid set and hearing him drop his track "50 000 Watts of funk" was insane! I loved it all!

Braeden Daniels wasn't bad...I'm sorry but I didn't really enjoy his set like the others. Perhaps I was tired or something, but it just didn't do anything for me this time around. He was dancing behind the decks though, ejoying himself which was good to see despite it being 6am or whatever with the time change.

Omari Taylor...haha it was a welcomed change in music when Omari dropped some of his sweet sounding, pound the f--- outta ya techno! His set was wicked, once again even though I couldn't dance anymore and it was 630 am old time. My goodness! He had the crowd still bumping until the end! Wicked job my dear!

Well... all I can say is WOW and thank you to ENDO, RnR, NEC, and the dj's that came. This was a fantastic night!
Thanks to the promoters for listening to my nagging and pleading to bring "the Funky 1 " himself! It was truly a special night for me and I had a blast!!

Aaron and crew! Wicked decorations and displays!
Everything was AWESOME!

The Tribe crew was in effect. It was great pertying Nub, Spinsah, Highsteppa, Blueker [of course], Smiley Jo and Svet!

*sigh* :D I'm tired and ready to craaaaash again.

Marian <--huge grin on her face because it was one amazing weekend to say the least!

Fluke Skywalker

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ya that was a realy fun night. I loved the decorations and the new paint in Ace. Honourable mention to all the hot bitches that were getting down all over each other. Actually i can't relaly give a very accurate review becuase i wasn't paying all too much attention to the music as a result of the umm other activities.

Josh was good as usual but he didn't seem to be doing as many tricks as he usually does.. still tho he kicks everyones ass... Chris Anderson was good and i actually really enjoyed Braiden Daniels set even tho i was too tired to lift my feet by thta point.


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If Chris Anderson was "ON" you would've felt the fact that you have just been ripped a new AAASSSSSSSHHHOOLLEE!!!!!

Lucky fucks.......



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Well the all ages crowd in London is always interesting. Suffice it to say there was quite a number of cracker jacks wandering around Ace Arcade in various states of disorientation. However I expected nothing less and was actually impressed with the look of the venue. The decocations were stellar and you could really feel the touch of class and originality that Endo productions brought to the table last night. I wasn't too impressed with the performance of the other two companies involved but the details of such will remain off a public message board.

Upon arriving the sweet sounds of Stretch and Hooker were engulfing the crowd and it was great to hear some proper dirty house in London. It was a pleasure to hear them bust out a full on party set and I must say for two such accomplished gentleman it's great to see them still get down and deliver the goods to crowd that probably has no idea what Lifeforce has done for electronic music in this province. Well done.

The only damper on their set was when the amp blew for about five minutes and by the protesting sounds the speakers were giving off it was only a matter of time before more sound problems were to occur. For the beginning portion of the evening the sound was pure ass...the highs were just ripping apart my ears and considering the ringing that is still going on even as a type this I'm actually worried about long term hearing damage. This is the *last* time I'm going out to a party of this kind without proper ear protection.

Decepticon was up next and in Rich Bailey's absence he delivered an extended set of house and breaks tossing down Plump DJ's Big Groovy Fucker which I had yet to hear on a big system...it was a treat. His scratcing was decent and overall he played a dancefloor friendly set that was a perfect lead into Josh da Funky 1.

Josh the Funky 1 came out and delivered the goods and people were digging it. That is until the inevitable happened and the treble amp cut out. JEMZ and I sure played the role of El Predictos in forcasting some serious sound problems. Well it took about 20 minutes for anyone in charge to realize what was going on and then with well over a half hour of Josh's set partially muted the system came back to full capacity. We were left with a set that was well mixed with great scractching some spot on beat juggling and precise cutting. All that said the tunes Josh was throwing down just didn't have me grooving too much. I find that house sets with too many turntable antics can just get redundant. I really dug Josh at WEMF but since then he has become this headband-wearing-rave-cool-messiah of the sketchy and dare I say uneducated next generation of booty dancing party kids. The annoying MC must have informed that crowd half a dozen times that Josh the Funky 1 was in the building left me less than enthusiastic for his set.

All this hype for Josh the Funky 1 when a true house don was on the bill. I'd been looking forward to seeing Chris Anderson since I caught one of his sets in the summer and last night he was fucking on. After a brief and called for herbal refreshement with the Slippery one, I was ready to dance to some hard funknasty house served Texan style. He worked his way through his own production work and various other stylings with smooth mixing and devastating bass lines...this was the best house set I've heard in quite a while. Everything was perfect for his set...the crowd had thinned out so there was room to dance, the levels were finally under control and tunes were off the wall. He fucking destroyed.

It is not up for debate. Chris Anderson owned the Forest City Massive. Josh da Funky 1 can pull out all the tricks he wants but you can't compete with the force, experience and maturity that Anderson brings to the tables. This was the best set of full on house London has been graced with since Donald Glaude last year. Guranfuckinteed.

I was glad to leave after Anderson's last tune wound down and really wasn't interested in the few mintues I heard of Braedan Daniels anyway.

Some great faces old and new were out last night and made the eveining really enjoyable. Liquid Fairy, Blueker, Bass Invader and Nub it was a pleasure as always. It was also wonderful meeting the aquaintences of Highsteppa, Funktion, Mercury and Brandi. However four people really made me smile last night as they radiated such class and appreciation for both the scene and the music. Slippery Pete and JEMZ two gentleman that hold it down like no others along with the lovely Pink Angel and Smiley Jo who owned the dancefloor with grace and style . A better entourage one could never ask for.

This night proved to me that there's a reason I still attend these all night dance events. For the lack of vibe that defined last night the select smiling faces and great tunes made it all worth while.
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[- FuNKtiOn -]

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well, we got there shortly after 12.
i havent been to a london "party" in a while, and was actually rather impressed with the venue.
the egyptian decor was a nice touch, and a nice big open room always makes for a good venue when it comes to dancing space.

upon entering, we realized there was no bar, and with the amounts of tequila drank before hand, we left the party and had a pitcher at the London Corner Pub thing, where they were playing weird arabic music. so after this sketchy adventure, we wandered back to the party to hear Decepticon throwing down some sweet tracks.

Josh the Funky 1 was pretty good.
this is like the 4th time I've seen this guy and his scratchin', mixing, and track selection is just on the ball all the time. the only downside is that with the raised stage you couldnt actually get as much of an appreciation for what he was doing.

Chris Anderson rocked it!
hard and banging... made me shake the last bits of energy out of my ass, where we left after about 45minutes of his set.

overall, good to put some faces to some names, good tunes, and a better time had than expected.


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Funtimes had by all.

Cept the lack of the 19+ kind of left me hanging abit, but I don't remember seeing it on the flyer (now that I think of it) so I probably let my expectations get alittle to high for the party?

Set of the night goes to Chris Anderson, for beating the bejesus outta the crowd and laying down a set I'd been craving since Algorithm's appearance at the Mercury Lounge.

Can't wait for Kenny Glasgow now, and a place with killer drinks.

Nice seeing everyone again though (Even if I never really talk much or anything) :}


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keep it funky london !

London Parties still Kick !
Thanks for having us back in London, pure party town !
Special shouts out to the man like Dj Ruckus who was
"enjoying" himself so much he knocked the power out
during our set !
pure jokes!
Looking forward to the return,
Keep it diRty London !

p.s. - nice to see the Tdot crew reprazentin .


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Arrived early (~1130) just in time to see Steve and Wayne get things going -- very nice set, although not at all what I'm used to hearing from you two -- very hard but very good. You definately had the crowd moving at such an early part of the night.

But was it really that early? The place really cleared out around 2 or so -- did all the under 18's have curfew's? I think they must've -- it seemed to me that everyone in the place was mangled at 1130, tons of sketchyness and peoplepuddles pre-midnight.
Regardless, nice job S&H, too bad you couldn't have hung out a bit longer after your set, but it was good of you both to cruise down to the floor and say what's up before you left :)

Decepticon came on next and nearly killed my night. In his defence, he was only supposed to be on for an hour but had to play for two since Rich Bailey was a no-show (anyone know why?) and thus I'll assume he didn't have enough records to get by, thus the high number of 7 minute mixes...
However, I still wasn't really impressed with his set -- too much scratching-related tomfoolery -- he'd drop a nice sounding bassline, then fuck it all up with an over-exuberance of scratching and mixer work. Quite possibly the dryest two hours of my life.....what's more, he had the levels turned up way too loud, the bass was grumbling and very un-crisp, and possibly over-drove the amp which led to the technical problems later in the night during Josh's set.

Ruckus made it clear that Josh was up next, time and time again using the mic to get his point across. Whatever, we know who we came to see. So ease up on the verbal diarrhea.

Not long into his set the speakers died....the only sound audible was coming from the monitors, but it appeared that no one in charge knew that the problem existed for at least 20 minutes. It sounded like Josh would throw down a super mix, and he'd look up to see the crowd reaction, and he had this funny puzzled look on his face like "why the fuck is no one dancing their asses off??"
Kudos to Jeremy for fixing things up :)
Again, a bit too much turntable fucketry for my taste, but he did throw down a very nice mix of house and breaks at one point towards the end of his set. It was all in vain though, Chris Anderson was on next :)

This man fucking tore the place apart! A lot of people had left by the time he came on, thus leaving me and those who stayed more room to dance -- and dance we did :)
Track after track of solid, pounding house -- there were two or three tracks he played in a row that completely blew me away -- 15 minutes of complete bliss -- the man completely made me lose my hold on reality. Eyes clamped shut, big goofy grin on my face, everyone around me was feelin' it too (as far as I could tell at least....gotta keep those eyes open more :)) His set featured an abundance of amazing build-ups, supreme mixing and programming -- all in all one of the better sets I've heard this year.

No one could top Chris' set, and Braeden Daniels stepped up and dropped a screeching treble-infused nightmare to chase us out the door.

Special thanks to Jo and Svet for making the journey down here, you two really made the night feel pretty special.
I'll still have to insist that I passed the IQ Challenge, I blame the tests administrator.

Spence, our drug-exchange program will have to be continued at another date.
Jamie -- great as always to see old-time London crew make it out -- things aren't the same here anymore, but the least we can do is try and hold it down :)

Great to meet Mercury and chat (albeit briefly)
bass invader, you were a tired, grumpy mutherfucka but still hee-larious to chat with -- we'll have to give that all-ages ID check pilot program a testrun sometime soon.

marian gets the :rolleyes: for not mentioning me

Hi olga! :)


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What a fabulous night! My ears are still ringing from the banging tunes, proper ear protection is a definite must for parties to come ;)

There is so much I can say about this night, I don't know where to start!
I arrived around 11:30ish just in time for Stretch and Hooker's set. I immediately started bobbing around....great work guys! Talk about a great mix of funky, hard house.

Then on came Decepticon. His set wasn't too bad. There were parts of it I could really get into, and other parts where I just stood around waiting for something else to happen. His mixing was kinda choppy, didn't flow too well at times but alright none the less. It was great though that he stayed on due to Bailey's absence.

Josh the funky 1! Great set, very funky and upbeat, absolutely stellar.

Chris Anderson and Braeden Daniels were rocking it with their hard pumping baselines, good mixing and absolutely rockin beats!
I couldn't stop bumpin around the dancefloor :)

Omari Taylor was great!!! By this time, I felt like I was about to drop but his set was so kick ass that I danced harder and harder as it went on. What a great set to take us (the remaining ppl) into the morning hours.

The venue was nice and open, I liked the decorations, nice egyptian touch. The vibe wasn't too bad either, lots of youngins ;) I'm surprised at the amount of people who were sitting down along the walls and how empty it got around 2 or 3. There was no way I was sitting or leaving, the music was getting better and better!!

It was great to meet some lovely people.

*liquid fairy* and blueker: you guys are awesome! It was great to hang out with both of you again, you both are stunning, and great company :)

spinsah: nice to finally meet you! you were one on my list of the "must meet from tribe people" :) a pleasure indeed

smiley jo and svet: great to meet you two also! thanks for the smiles and good company. too bad you couldn't stick around a bit longer :(

highsteppa! you rock man! nice to finally meet you. thank you for the great conversation and tribe introductions :)

Jemz, I didn't see you :confused: ah well, better luck next time.

All in all a wonderful night. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. Great music, great company, what more can one ask for?

:) brandi
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Originally posted by ThePlunger
If Chris Anderson was "ON" you would've felt the fact that you have just been ripped a new AAASSSSSSSHHHOOLLEE!!!!!

Lucky fucks.......


Trust me....Chris Anderson was ON!!!!!!!!!
DAMN he is good :D :D
I almost went.

But then Cameron Diaz was on Saturday Night Live, and she started dancing to "That Don't Impress Me Much" by Shania Twain.

And I can barely tolerate the majority of you on a message board, so spending time with y'all "in real time" would be too much. :D

-Jokes guy, but London seriously sucks-

PS -- "So you've ... got the looks, but have you ... got the touch?"

PPS -- A :rolleyes: to SlipperyPete, just because he did it, and that's how pEEr pressure works.


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Originally posted by Dam That SnarkEE Kid
I almost went.

But then Cameron Diaz was on Saturday Night Live, and she started dancing to "That Don't Impress Me Much" by Shania Twain.

that's the lamest excuse i've ever heard. I think you didn't come because your frilly pee-wee herman suit was being dry cleaned.

And I can barely tolerate the majority of you on a message board, so spending time with y'all "in real time" would be too much. :D

Yeah, whenever i see you in person I run away like my hair is on fire.

-Jokes guy, but London seriously sucks-

no argument there

PPS -- A :rolleyes: to SlipperyPete, just because he did it, and that's how pEEr pressure works.



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Oh dear sweet Pete! I apologise for not mentioning your sexy ass! It was nice to see the back of you for most of the night. Gave something to fixate my eyes on while the bass drilled into my head. I should really invest in some earp plugs.

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Hey London,

Sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to thank everyone for a wonderful night.

You guys rock!!!

Glad to know there are people out there with as screwed up musical tastes as me!!!

If you get a chance, come check me out in Toronto on May 25th.

Thanks to DJ Ruckus and the crew for having me out.

Chris Anderson
Houston, TX


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You can come to Toronto anytime and I will be there!!!
I haven't missed you in the past 3 years other than WEMF
We made the drive to London from Toronto. :)
Next time your set needs to be earlier though.
I had so much fun during your set, so thanks.

*the happy dancer with the ribbons*


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Chris Anderson on the Tribe board?

Word the fuck up!

Thanks for bringing that sweet Houston sounch to London on the weekend it was much appreciated. Witnessing a set that put that upstart Josh the Funky 1 to shame sure made the night worthwhile. Your set reassured me that smooth mixing and thoughtful programming still reign supreme.



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**triple take**

Thanks *SO* much for a wickedly tight set on Saturday Chris -- looking forward to my next chance to catch you live

Thanks for hucking those CDs in our direction, we all got to take a copy home :)

<---dude dancin' behind the happy dancer w/ the ribbons :D


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Originally posted by SlipperyPete
Thanks for hucking those CDs in our direction, we all got to take a copy home

There's something about the business of cd hucking that really brings out a state of anarchy in the vacinity of the cd's. I almost stomped on Svet's hand not realizing it was hers when scrambling for those things. Luckily in an plurtastic exchange, we did as Pete said all manage to score one. Normally I'd steer clear of the chaos but Head Phunked IV is one of my favourite discs of the year so I was a scramlin'!. On a related note I've been really impressed with Resonace as well...I mean could it get any dirtier? Damn.

Spence <--That dude dancin' beside the dude dancin' behind the happy dancer w/ the ribbons. :D
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*laughs at how star struck Spence and Pete are*
Reminds me of me.

I do have to admit that Chris's set was wicked indeed!
It was an honour standing behind him on stage for the set..hehe
I'll be sure to get the pics from the party developed *crosses fingers hoping they all turned out* I didn't see very many flashes go off that night.

Spence your comment was a bit mean :( about Josh :p, but whatever Chris is definitely phucking incredible! Seeing him for the first time made me realize that.
I'm definitely up for another round of his hard banging, booty shaking sets.
On a side note.. Josh loves Chris Anderson's tunes and admires him a lot as a dj, he even wanted to stay for a chunk of his set to check it out.

May 25th is marked on my calendars!
Funk it up!

Last edited:


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Since Chris and Steve and Wayne decided to post, I guess I will too...

First off I'd like to thank the crew for bringing me in, I had a wikkid time!

Secondly I was scheduled to play for an hour so I came out swinging and played on three decks for part of my set....I wasn't expecting to play for 2 hours and it was a welcome treat!

Slippery Pete- I'm sorry I ruined your night-guess you can't please everyone although the 400 people jamming to my set seemed to be having fun :D

Josh played a wikkid set as usual

Chris Smashed the place as usual

Good times, saw some old friends, london is always fun!!


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yeah, my review may have been a bit harshly worded -- my apologies

you definately had me going at points, but you also completely lost me at times; but you're right, there was no shortage of people movin' during your set.

I'd heard nothing but good things about your style before, and I'm definately willing to give you another shot @ impressing me 100% :)
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