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foreign exchange?


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has anyone here every done a foreign exchange for school? I'm thinking about doing a semester out of the country and would like some experiences, thoughts, likes/dislikes, etc.



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Stop thinking about it. The decision is easy.

Sign up. Do it. Do it now.
You will be glad you did.
You will regret if you don't.



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That's true, although I can't do it until 2nd or 3rd year, but still...I've always wanted to do a semester overseas.

anyone have any stories to share?


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make the most of it. immerse your self in a totally new experience (or as close as you can get to it with globalization these days)

try japan. It's #1 on my list.
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Foreign Exchange

My advice ...

There's a bunch of places on Yonge St., but you'll get a better exchange rate by going to any local bank branch.


(sorry, I couldn't resist, this thread needed at least one sarcastic response)


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I'm actually going into my third year (pending my passing of final exams;) ) and am studying abroad. Im taking Business at Monterrrey Tech in Monterrey, Mexico. I am "uber" excited and can't wait to learn a new language. Im going for the year because I dont think a semester is long enough, and I also did not want to find two places of living in a single year, which could get pricey. While i have not completed the experience yet, I would definitely encourage you to do so because it gives you numerous opportunities. Firstly, you get to leave whatever University town you are in for a year (for me it's Hamilton, *gag*) and get to immerse yourself in a completely different culture. Secondly, you get to attend another university in the world, and still only have to pay the tuition of your current school, which is a "megantic" opportunity. Thirdly, you can travel from your desired location and see more of the world! On school time! While it is true that my fourth year will be hell, since I will have no electives, and all mandatory business courses, it's worth it.



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Where you thinking of heading Cameron?

Well, as I said it's a while away, so I'm not quite sure what will be offered when I'm ready to go. However, judging from what has been offered in the past, and what is offered currently, I'm deciding between London, Paris, or somewhere in the Carribean ( :cool: ) .

So far I've been pretty much set on London, for a few reasons. First it's english speaking (there is a high english population in Paris, but still...), second it would lend itself to my course of study (History), third it's one of the hot spots for progressive, and lastly I am a citizen of the United Kingdom, so I could stay for the summer (depending on the semester offerings, hoping for winter) and work.