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Ford Fest mayoral campaign BBQ has a ferris wheel!

Hi i'm God

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Also doesn't anyone find this waste of money a tad extravagant for this 'man of the people' we get it you're rich or get a lot of freebies.
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There are plenty of rules regarding raising cash for a campaign, but as far as self promotion goes, I'm finding very little other than advise for potential candidates (Olivia Chow & John Tory predominantly) to keep mum regarding their plans until their hats are officially thrown into the ring. It appears that you're okay as long as you pay for everything out of your own pocket (must be nice to be loaded) and don't accept anything that could be considered a 'gift'.

Political pundits, please advise!!


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Ford also must have healed the person who was using that walker in that pic! A miracle, papal stylz! Could sainthood is next for Ford?


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very smart move for him, its local, its very backyards, BBQ, campaigning politics. This works for him, me, joe local versus the establishment.