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For those who may want to go abroad getting some support from the gov't


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Canada Go 123


Come with me to Japan. hehe.

Hope this link may give some good ideas about travelling and working in foreign countries with the support from the gov't.

Blaise Ambrose's friend, Mark-check this site out, if you see this, dude! (someone please let him know of this..if anyone know of mark or Blaise).

Your life is only once.
I give up my attachment to these materials that I gained, keep the good memories that i have gained with people from here, Canada and America..and think I will move to Japan for myself, for those who care and love me, and for those who I care and love.
This is my time to fucking grow the fuck up. :)

peace and hugs

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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*cheering loudly*

You do what you have to do, sacrifice what you have to sacrifice (including leaving the world's best roomie even though she doesn't know where the garbage cans are :p), it's all about no regrets baby and this kid ain't gonna have none.

The world is too big to be satisfied with where you are for too long, limited time, limited resources shouldn't slow you down from experiencing all that life has to offer.

Do it while you're young kids cause when you're old it won't be no fun.

SE Asia here I come (after I polish off one more Toronto/cottage weekend summer!!)


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where you heading to Dick?

btw, here are more job links for jobs in Japan/Asia/rest of the countries:

it is a job link that i used when i started looking for jobs.
you can just put none to the Japanese part.
(if you wanna go to Japan even though you speak no Japanese)
I am pretty sure something will come up..
((i like this job link,.,i heard from two people..they sure are checking emails from us))

this is the job link that i got my job offer from.
it seems this link is more active than it seems like it from the
visual of the web site.
do not underrate the power of this job search link! lol

-it is a link for jobs available in tokyo area, Japan.
this is for more techy jobs..

-it is a link for people who want to live in japan and work.







-take a look at this link!



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Kumi, thanks for all the info.

I too hope to "get the fuck outta here" someday.

I just need to quit slacking off (not going into work), long enough to dig myself out of this (not so) little bit of debt that I've got myself into.

I hope to put to use my native language (portuguese) someday.

good luck

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btw, here are more job links for jobs in Japan/Asia/rest of the countries:

Just as I was about to run a mad search for job agency web sites for Asia, thank God I discovered your post.

Gotta question: Are there any Toronto based recruiters/headhunters that scout for careers in Asia that I can visit? That may be a lame question, but I really don't have a lot of experience in trying to work abroad.

My techy job here is running into a stand still, would love to work as far away from my work station as possible.

Thanks for your help Mistique!


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i have never heard of any recruiter like that myself.
BUT i bet there was a recruiter company link somewhere
(like this http://www.mrjapanese.com/MRJapanese/resumes/submit.htm)
where you can send out your resume to start with..
So do some google search or yahoo.com search to see if you find anything there.
I personally would not rely on those recruiters to be honest with you.
I am more of like: "if you wanna do it, you gotta do it yourself" attitude.. But that's just me, so do take actions as much as you can so that you would pick something up possibly.

There are techy jobs that does not even ask you to speak much Japanese. for instance, i found this ad from the first link where it asks you to have some knowledge in IT and box os etc, and pays you 120G annually.
I think it isn't bad you know?

People, trust me.
There are JOBS that you guys can take the
Think about it.
There are many companies from all over the world that has an office in TOKYO.
Most of the company like that even have some boss who does not even speak any Japanese yet..but was transfered by their original office somewhere else kinda deal..

Companies like that require you to speak our universal language: English. That is kind of a must.
And if you have Japanese, that's plus.

YOu may find some changes in your life.
Changes are good==>progression :)

Yes, let's keep moving :D




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This might be the most important site you can ever find if you want to know in real time what is happening and where.... it is especially invaluable to people going to Korea.
Jamie :)


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Thanks all for the advice.

Hope everything works out everybody. I'm still relatively young and gotsta get out there.

thanks again.
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Thanks Kumi. I forwarded your info to Mark.

Best wishes in all your endeavours (personal and business). I know you'll take Japan by storm.

Keep in touch!


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Originally posted by Blaise
Thanks Kumi. I forwarded your info to Mark.

Best wishes in all your endeavours (personal and business). I know you'll take Japan by storm.

Keep in touch!
hey, Blaise, please tell him that i kept all his emails in a cd bt i can not open the cd cause os is different :(

could you please ask him to email me?
I found more good things about tenancy info.