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For Those Who Like Breaks...

docta seuss

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howdy folks.

i you dig the breaks, i've just made my entire 'tales from the dark side' series of nu skool breaks mixes available for download or streaming as you please.

i'll give you a brief rundown of the mixes, including track listings and Tribe reviews, followed by a link. for those who don't know, right click the link, then click on 'save link target as' to download the mix.

hope you enjoy!

tales from the dark side

recorded in 2000 methinks.

Tribe Magazine selection of the month (tribe86)

"there’s plenty of funk to go round on the good Docta’s premiere mix effort. Heck, this is one of the best mixes I’ve received since I started writing for Tribe. Lots of breakin’ styles are touched on here from the old to the new always flowing nicely. Selection of the month." (DL)

arthur baker vs. rennie pilgrem – hey funky people – tcr
demon killa – brock out (D-monic remix) – eastern bloc
azzido da bass – dooms night (revisited)(Stanton warriors vocal mix) – club tools
unknown - walking saw – unknown
uk apache & shy fx – nuttah vs. bamamatta (t>power mix) – botchit & scarper
makesome breaksome – pig chase – plank
t>power feat. amaziree – running (B.L.I.M. remix) – botchit & scarper
anthony rother – red light district (B.L.I.M.’s ‘pro’ mix) – electrolux
vigi & flip – freak frequency (vigi+flip’s unbalanced mix) – tcr
rennie pilgrim – paranoia – tcr
breakneck – 3ears – tcr
unknown – unknown - white
orange kush feat. osprey – tremelo 2000 – botchit & scarper


tales from the dark side vol. 2

recorded in 2001. Tribe Magazine cd of the year.
(tribe95, tribe96)

"Docta Suess represents a special blend of breaks… I’ll call them ill muthafukin’ breaks. I call them that because these are the sort of breaks that make dancers combust all over the dance floor. Not head nodding breaks, not smile at the dude beside you breaks… mad, bust out breaks. A dark, progressive flavor at times, a few bouncy UKG basslines here and there - even some downright rinse out style jungle basslines to take things to a different level. Most important though, ill ILL beats.
Mixing is sharp top to bottom and track selection is phenomenal, including a real build to some bombs near the end. The only complaint I have is that the Doc didn’t include any contact information on the disc – write me at jman_01@hotmail.com – I need Volume 1!!" (JF)

Josh Flower’s Tape/CD of the Year:
Docta Seuss – “Tales from the Darkside Vol. 2” - ? – 69mins

"For a lot of reasons, this wicked nu-skool breaks mix stormed to the front of my favorite-to-listen-to pile.
Varying basslines, ill beats, and wicked mixing and timing… top it off with great programming that maneuvers the set comfortably up and down and leads to a crazy finish. I originally reviewed this one last month in Issue #95, and it’s still getting plenty of play. Docta, get us your contact info!" (JF)

electro city funksterz – subsonic – sound surgery
unknown - phat bass – unknown
phil keiran – you’re there – kingsize
dj punk roc - blow my mind (plump dj's remix) -
arc-en-ciel – the juice – fingerlickin’
elite force – curveball – whole9yards
2 Sinners – mrs. jingles – tcr
soto – monkey – botchit & scarper
hardcore beats vol. 2 – you make me feel so good
dj zinc – running ? - white
hardcore beats vol. 1 – outta space
dj hype – bad boy – white
unknown – buddy ralph ep - white


tales from the dark side vol. 3

recorded 2002.

Tribe Magazine review (tribe101):

"Nu skool breaks is just what the Docta ordered. This mix is like a wall of sonic distortion that breaks over the listening with every buildup and bass drop like waves in a storm.
Caustic, pounding basslines accentuate the snippy breakbeats and Docta Seuss dispenses the perfect prescription for a heady dancefloor experience.
A solid entry from one of Steeltown’s finest."
(Brandon Sweet)

krafty kuts & skool of thought – soundcheck – super charged
aphrodite feat. barrington levy – all over me (freq nasty remix) – V2
peaky pounder – taulettimessa - subspace
backdraft – fool – botchit breaks
skool of thought – devastate – super charged
unknown – came steppin’ – white
dj era – ricochet – white
dj era – spaced invader - white
C83 – taurus – en:vision
chris domingo - cut it up – funk wax
gorilla pimp – this is real – rampant
dj zinc – unknown – promo
unknown - ravers' damnation - moonshine
dj zinc – running ? - white


tales from the dark side vol. 5

recorded 2003.

Tribe Magazine review (tribe104):

Chunky organic breaks were a much-needed respite from all the four-on-the-floor business this month. Very funky. The Docta selects a number of quality tracks featuring solid bumping bass and percussion lines like a jazz session drummer on speed. A couple of nice vocal tracks round out the mix. This one’s a keeper.
(Brandon Sweet)

unknown - requiem for a dream – white
jeff dam – does it really matter – fat!
benny ill & dj dinesh - high plains drifter – Tempa
tek ed – all blues – botchit & scarper
unknown – unknown - white
2 inda bush – in effect (krafty kuts mix) – fingerlickin’
santos – u make me rock (daluq remix) – mantra breaks
the apollo kids – front line – fat!
meat katie & elite force – ju ju – tcr
plastic pervert – alarm bells – mob
silencer – believing (dylan rhymes pressure tex mix) – critical mass
jark prongo – movin’ thru your system – hooj choons
jeff dam – 194 – fat!
silken – reach out (the spoon wizard mix) – functional breaks
unknown - ebtg remix - white


tales from the dark side vol. 6

recorded 2004.

this one had yet to be reviewed. feel free to do so! :D

(plump dj’s) – donna kabob – black
stisch – pack of reds (future funk squad ‘solid state’ remix) – disuye
elite force – pipe dream – thrust
bedrock (john digweed) – forge – bedrock breaks
underworld – cowgirl (atomic hooligan remix) – white
diversion/distraction - under thunder – functional breaks
sound alliance – from home (hexadecimal mix) – distinctive breaks
dark globe and boy – auto-erotic george (globocop mix) – whole 9 yards
defiant – infinite/no return – white (G2)
deekline and wizard feat. donna d & king koop – sun is shining – botchit & scarper
unknown – kiss my bass – black
planet funk – who said (stuck in the uk) (moguai remix) – illustrious
tsunami 1 & BT – hip hop phenomenon – marine parade
disco assassins & sicknote – buzz saw – super charged
soul of man - outback - fingerlickin
atomic hooligan – left hand – trigger
no love (feat. zahra) – disconnection – marine parade


many thanks for your interest... and your patience with my shameless self-promotion.

-Rob Q
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docta seuss

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Originally posted by Vote Quimby

docta seuss, meet the Breaks room.

Breaks room, meet docta suess.

there are those who may be interested but don't frequent the breaks room.. but for some reason, this thread seems to have been moved there anyways..

but thanks for being a dick.:rolleyes:

people always get so up in arms over this crap.

if you don't want to read the contents of a thread, DON'T CLICK ON IT.

docta seuss

TRIBE Member
..don't know if i can handle many more o' these virtual tongue-lashings..

great to hear people are enjoying the mixes though! :D
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