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for the next 20 minutes...


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so yesterday at work we were cleaning off the patio and I was asked to run over to zellers and get some spray nozzles things you attach to a hose..

thats fine..

as i walk into zellers a voice comes over the p.a.

"for the next 20 minutes all easter merchandise will be discounted another 50% from ticket price"

and i fuck you not, the was a stampede! to the chocolate!!!
it was rather disgusting!

the thing that bothers me is all the shit was already discounted 75%!!

i saw the displays and i dont think i saw anything for more then a dollar.....

so zellers shoppers need to stampede to the chocolate section to save like 40 cents?

tres ghetto..

oh and then the line-ups sucked because they couldnt ring in easter purchases with rgular purchases so everyline was basically twice as long..
and when it was my turn and i bought the noozle ($3.48) she looked at me like i was an alien because my arms werent overloaded with chocolate


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your not much of a shopper are you? you'd be suprised what chocolate makes people do. Chance are they were already on the stuff(depending on how fast they're running)



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for the next 20 minutes you can have all of my chocolate left overs!

plus I went to zellers to save 40 cents and stocked up on more. i'm sick of it. Its all yours.
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Smiley Jo

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What a great word!
I love it!