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I like this idea, but it would severely limit your ability to get though spots less than a meter wide no?

after biking in downtown Toronto for the better part of 25 years, many many times i have escaped certain doom for being able to get into tight spots.

How did other cyclists see it, i know on roads with no bike lanes, its great, but for roads with bike lanes, where people sometimes pass slower cyclists, have you had any issues yet?

Well, it is kind of a weird feeling at first when you have a pool noodle strapped to your bike, but you will immediately notice how wide a berth cars give you when passing. Cars will even try to give you more room when you are pulling up to a red light and a line of cars is there stopped waiting for the light to change - they will try to inch away from you! It is the same thing that happens when you are pulling a kids' bike trailer - cars just magically give you a lot more room.
Since the noodle is flexible, it will bend when you need to get into tight spaces.
Mine is not as wide as the dude has made his in the article, and only measures 71 CM out from my back wheel, but it seems to be more than enough to have an impact on passing car traffic. I also stuck a piece of orange 3M scotchlite reflective tape on the end for night visibility.

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Also, when I lock my bike to a ring I just bend it back and tuck it in on itself so it doesn't stick out when my bike is parked.

glych t.anomaly

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I just put ...

Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 348's on my bike for Fall/Winter/Spring riding.

Fuck me, going from slick 23's to a knobbly 28 on the front, and 25 on the back. They stick well, ride nice, not really much noticeable roll resistance.
The MOST noticeable difference so far.

They are heavy as fuck. I think they increased my bike weight by 15-20% ! hahahah ( that might be hyperbole )

So much more of a work out when riding now, i forgot just how much of a difference weight on your wheels/tires makes hahaha. Its nice, a smoother more cushion like ride.
ALSO, the most disagreeable tires i have ever had to wrestle on to my wheels.

Thats all for now.