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For sale: Wii, tv, Furniture, dining set, moving sale

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell & Rent' started by kandymews, May 22, 2010.

  1. kandymews

    kandymews TRIBE Member

    All prices negotiable. Buy multiple listings get a discount. Free N64 to first purchase over 200$ lol. Contact info at bottom, please email or call. I can deliver Wii, or anything small, everything else is pickup only please. Moving sale, trying to get rid of everything, so make an offer! :D

    *Wii (d29pro equipped) 24-games 2-wiimotes 1-steeringwheel 1-(64mb) mem card$350

    *NIKON KOOL PIX 5000 10+MP MACRO 3XZOOM $150
    +2 Memory cards +3 batteris 2+chargers 1+sd card multi reader usb

    *TV 27" dvd/vcr combo built in w/surround sound GREAT A/V $75 (or 35$ w wii combo) free 70 VHS tapes!

    *TV stand, wooden glass panel, $50
    *Living room set 3pc 2pc 1pc sofa all for $600 or make an offer on ind/lot
    *Wooden Dining set pub/tall chairs. Padded cushion, very easy to clean. $300 w/table
    *Dresser wooden, 5 shelf $100
    *File cabinet (2 shelf, lockable) $30

    *2 computers w monitors. windows XP works really well ONE IS: 1.2ghz, 1.5gb RAM 300hdd, other is dvd copy station, these two w/ 1 mouse 1 keyboard 1 wifi router $175
    *Computer Desk and chair $50 extra, get all for $200 (2 computers, desk, chair, accessories for 200)

    Many more items:
    w810i sony ericsson unlocked $50
    bb world 8830 unlocked $100
    bell pay as u go flip phone $10
    (all phones include charger, battery, and any accessories)
    ti 86 calculator $75
    handspring visor $10
    wifi usb key $10

    For $450 I'll give you the Wii, N64, TV, AND TV stand!! :D

    * New Super Mario bros (orig) -BEST MULTI PLYR EVER!
    * Mario kart - TIME TO RACE
    * Furu Furu Park(orig) - CRAZY JAPANESE MULTI PLAYER
    * Super Mario Galaxy - CLASSIC DISSOCIATION
    * Mario Party 8 - EIGHT
    * Mario Power Tennis - TENNIS, NEED I SAY MORE?
    * Mario Super Sluggers - ACTUALLY NOT THAT BAD
    * Mario Strikers Charged - NO CLUE
    * Warioware - GOOD FOR KIDS
    * Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers - SUCKS YOU IN
    * Wii Music (two copiess) - TWO COPIES CAUSE ITS SO AWESOME
    * Solitare/Mahjong - TIMEWASTER
    * Dead Space Extraction - SCARY AS f&#*%
    * Coraline - TRIPPY
    * Spore Hero - :D
    * De Blob - QUITE TRIPPY
    * Okami - BORING
    * Legend of Zelda - CLASSIC
    * Boom Blox Bash Party - PRETTY FUN PHYSICS GAME
    * A Boy and His Blob - NES WAS BETTER
    * Scene It? Twilight - HAVE U?
    * Monopoly - TIME WASTER
    * Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles - SCARY. GRRR.
    * Sing It! Pop Hits - CAN YOU?

    * Tetrisphere -AMAZING GAME
    * Gauntlet Legends - CLASSIC
    * SuperMario64 - OBVIOUSLY U NEED THIS ONE
    * MarioKart64 - BETTER THAN WII!
    * cruising usa - HORRIBLE.
    * micromachines - ONLY GOOD DAY AFTER
    * kirbys the crystal SHARDS -KIRBY?! <3
    * goldeneye007 - REMEMBER ME?
    * pilot wings64 - STILL SUCKS
    * magical tetris challenge - HORRIBLE

    Toronto.promo@gmail.com 647.seven zero one.7141 location: Keele/Eglinton ish
    Last edited: May 22, 2010
  2. kandymews

    kandymews TRIBE Member

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