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For Sale -> Stuff!!!


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I'm moving so I need to unload all this stuff.

2 Ikea Lack shelves. birch colour: $5 each

Ikea Bekvam Utility Cart. top of it could use a little sanding/restaining but otherwise in good condition : $15

Little night table. top is a little scored but it's still good : $0 free to a good home.

Ikea closet organizer thingy: $5

1993 Ride RJ with Baseless Horseshoe bindings! Good beater board : $15

Ikea Poang armchair : $60

Neat little bench : $10

shot me a email at jeffjpayne@gmail.com or call me at 416.778.1492


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OMG I used to have that exact same snowboard and bindings setup! Russell Winfield! It's got Rudy from the fat albert cartoon on the bottom right? Shit I might buy that off you..... Going to make some shelves from old boards.
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That is indeed the RJ with a porked up Russell Winfield on the bottom.

Simms327: thanks for letting me know.

More stuff to come shortly.


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Good question. Here's a story about that sticker:

I got that sticker at their first ever show that they did in Montreal. We didn't have tickets for the sold out show at the Metropolis and the scalpers were asking $60 a piece. So we went to the back entrance of the venue and gave the back door dude a sob story about how we came from so far away blah blah... I guess he felt sorry for us and let us in the back door!! For free!! Which of course left us more money for drinking. Incredible show. On stage with them and 50 other people singing 'Bro Hymn' to 2000 or 3000 people was a total fuckin' highlight. Was the only show I've been to where there was actual body-surfing on stage. Anyways, after the show we were on their touring bus with them for a few minutes and they gave me that sticker.

You buy the board you get the sticker. ;)


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Now More Stuff!!

my old Futon. I bought it for $540 back in the day. It's got some wear on it, some nicks here and there and it sags like all Futons do but it's comfy to sit and sleep on. Pillows included : $100

this is as bad as the nicks get

Area rug. Aprox. 4'x6' : $15

2 Rubbermaid Storage bins : $10 each

Dresser. Top has some marks on it. You may want to paint it : $30

that's it for now. see my first post for contact info.
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NOTE: Regarding the Futon

It looks like I have to keep the mattress in case I need it in Calgary for the first little bit while out there. It's so easy to fold up and shove in the back of moving van versus a normal mattress.

So, instead I'll give you the frame/mattress cover seen in photos/pillows for $80. Still a great deal!

Thanks to all those interested hope this doesn't cause to much of problem.

Also, I'm in the Queen/Broadview area in case you're wondering.


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Yeah, umm, I don't shop there. The other half does. Or used to. Until I put an end to it.

But thanks for the comment. Very helpful.
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I'll take the chair off yer hands for sure! Chair is ridicuslously comfy and my rents decided not to give me their afterall...fuckers
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